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Dear forum users, before the creation of the theme please readCatalogue of the discussions, and FAQ'ov.

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22.09.08, 20:32

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Dear forum users w3bsit3-dns.com.ru!

In this thread you can leave your complaints and suggestions about the work of the sectionWindows Mobile - Devices.

__Let's try to make the section even better and more convenient for all of us. Express your opinions and wishes,Concerning the work of the section, Share ideas and suggestions ... and we will try to implement them.
__Since the title of the topic contains the word "A complaint", It means that it would be no less interesting for us to hear your opinion about what you do not like in the work of the section and if it is in our power, try to correct it.

Links on topics that can help you solve simple questions

On applications for supervision
Dear forum!
In this topic, you can express your ideas aimed at improving the "Windows Mobile - Devays" section.

Also, here, wishing to become the curator of any topic of the section may leave an application.
Before you leave the application, check if there is still any curator in the topic (the subject curator is listed below its title when viewing the section).
The subject curator has the opportunity to edit and delete posts in his topic and also use a special curator tag:
like this

The curator is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in his topic.
Requirements for candidates:
Experience on the forum at least 6 months, at least 100 useful messages, it is very desirable to have a device subject on which the candidate wishes to supervise.

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12.11.09, 01:09

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Why is that? In the cap of each topic, there are all the necessary links related to the profile discussion,
Whether it's a flashing, adapting software, accessories, buying, etc.
Just do not for each device created these themes, for various reasons, tobish - the device is still very little discussed,
To the device is not yet of.proshivok, not relevant question on buying itp ...
The question is only in the creation of these topics and their need as such, and in the hat to raise, :) believe me - it's 5 seconds.
Subforums IMHO - this is unnecessary, and too many transitions (from the general section) ...

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20.01.10, 19:29
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The creation of sub-forums for each model of the device, within each sub-forum, you can create themes for various questions.

So I have a hat with such subforums, look at it?
O2 XDA Flame - Discussion
Andreee @ 12.11.09, 1:09*
Subforums IMHO - this is unnecessary, and too many conversions

I agree.
Catg @ 26.4.09, 22:51*
I, basically, because of the fact that the topic for the 520th is practically dead

I found the themes:
1)6515\6510 HP
2)6915\6910 HP
According to the people's "squares," they have square screens ... So life there is hardly a greenhouse, although people are reading ... and there are no external differences, only the first two slots under the map, in 69xx one , T. The second place was taken by the Wijfai.
That's really to unite people, what do you think colleague :)
I would still go there and fujitsu-Siemens a couple of square screens shoved and samsung, since the issue is mostly soft-screened square screen ....
21.01.10, 23:49
999% response in the cap

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Golden_dragon @ 20.1.10, 19:29*
1)6515\6510 HP2)6915\6910

The idea is really hushaya obdinit themes, if everyone agrees, then you can do so

21.10.10, 18:34
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Why is not the theme updated?CATALOG OF DISCUSSED DEVICES!? So many new devices appeared!

"Knowledge is not enough, application is necessary." Desire is not enough, action is necessary "Bruce Lee

21.10.10, 20:34

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Thank you.
Fair remark. : Yes2:
You see, in connection with the rapid developmentHttp://w3bsit3-dns.com/devdb/- this wonderful colorful and comfortable - perhaps the most complete in runet
Base devices in which the most informative and compact basic information on the device and technical characteristics; Besides,
At the very bottom of each page, for each of the devices, references are given to both the FAQ on the device (if there is one), and for discussion of this device, and for the firmware - the old catalog seems to have lost relevance ...
Use this wonderful "yummy" :) - extremely convenient, andCATALOG OF DISCUSSED DEVICES!- simply fade, before the possibilities, design and informativeness of devdb - imha ...
Be sure to consider your request.

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