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>Catch the chicken - Puzzle Games| | | [Arcade]
25.05.16, 14:25

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Date: 09/12/13


Catch the chicken - Puzzle Games
Version: 1.0

Last update of the game in the header:25.05.2016

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The chicken invasion began! Game Catch the Chicken - Fun Games - This is a new game for children where you have to save crazy chicken that fall from the sky. You will need concentration and reflexes of ninjas! Download Catch the Chicken - Fun Games and check the speed of your reflexes!

Hundreds of crazy hens fall from the sky, and your mission is to find the matching colors of the chickens and platforms they land on. These stupid birds decided to prove that they can fly, but their plan was not successful. This fast joke game has eight worlds with five different levels in each, and if you start now, understand all the chicken! If you like chicken games, you're at the right place! Be careful! Funny chicken will not be easy to catch! They will distract you all the time, but if you concentrate, there is no problem! The ability to play a concentration game with a bunch of crazy chicks is very rare. Do not miss the opportunity to play new fun reflex games and enjoy!

    - Chicken game with 8 different worlds (5 levels in each world)
    - Complete the current level to go to the next level
    - Complete the current world to unlock the next world
    - An additional infinite level with increasing complexity
    - Funny game reflex with fascinating gameplay
    - A game that will test your attention and focus
    - Games for children as well as games for adults
    - Crazy characters of chickens, to revive the whole gaming experience

Homepage: http://peaksel.com/

Attached fileCatchTheChickenVer1000.xap ( 20,83 )

Marketplace Web: Https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/catch-the-chicken/9nblggh4w1k4

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