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>StickyMan bOttleship| | | [Arcade, Desktop] A little fog: Sea battle in a new format.
10.05.16, 14:47

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Date: 05/12/15


StickyMan bOttleship
Version: 1.0
Genre:Arcade, Table Top

Last update of the game in the header:10.05.2016

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Who has ever played in Sea Battle? Probably only a few.
But I guarantee that you did not exactly play in such a Naval battle like this, because instead of ships there are tables, instead of gunners - stickman, and instead of grenades - Molotov's cocktail, but the rules are the same: arrange tables on the dance floor - these will be yours Ships. Opponents walk by turns. Guess the location of the opponent's tables and win.

The battle between the nightclubs in full swing. Kill all enemies.
Despite the simple graphics and strange plot, the game really delays!

Homepage: Http://teengames.mobi

Marketplace Web: Https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/stickyman-bottleship-continuum-release/9nblggh4v3kn

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