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Sony Ericsson W700i


Welcome to the topic on the model Sony Ericsson W800i (Clara)
The device is morally and technically obsolete, but there are still a lot of "surviving" samples and no less users.
All servers actively delete all information about this device, I considered it necessary to fix the material on our favorite eternal forum.
In this thread, everything that is so important for this device (Patches, Elfs, Driver Firmware and so on) + instructions for their installation will be collected.Posted image
Posted image

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5. Offtopic - only allowed on Sony Ericsson
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7. If you want to ask something on the forum - take the trouble to describe in detail the configuration of your phone, what you wanted to do and what actions were taken. This will greatly increase the possibility of solving your problem.
8. If the discussion of an issue is reduced to a dialogue between two people - it must necessarily be transferred to the LAN or QMS. Do not arrange from the topic chat.
9. All images must be hidden under the spoiler! Only logos in the table of contents are allowed -Working with images
10. When writing two or more messages in a row, use the buttonPosted image, Editing and combining messages.

Posts that are deleted without warning:
All posts that violate forum rules and rules of conduct in the topic.
Messages such as: "Thank you, check the conductive", "Hooray, everything turned out," "It's cool," etc.
Posts that do not carry semantic load and are clearly motivating (especially such as "When will you lay out?", "How long to wait for the firmware?" And the like)
Questions, answers to which are in the Hat, FAQ and Guides.
Comments on the answers, such as: "I just do," "do the same", etc.
This topic discusses everything related to the theme of this phone model.

Device Information:
Release date:
08 January 2005

Posted image

At the time of issue: 22800 rubles
Contemporary: ~ 1000-1600 rubles

Iron, software and everything about it:
1. Processor:
Samsung SX3DWR 110MHz 1 core
The device uses bin-ary software running on the A1 architecture
Platform (power controller): DB2010

2. Type of RAM:
Heap - 3.5 mb for the system, 2.5 for Java

3. The software consists of three configuration files:
1) GDFS (Contains all the calibrations and the list of modules of the motherboard ready for operation)
2) Main (The program code containing all the applications and functions of the system as well as the system graphics)
3) FS (Memory section working in conjunction with Main providing the latter with resources for correct operation of the system)

4. Sequence of appearance of software versions:
- R1L002»R1N035» R1NA005 »R1AA008» R1BC002 »R1BD001»R1DB001
Blue highlighted the last Russified software
Red highlighted "The only" software with SWF Flash support

5. History of firmware and their changes:
- Output of DaVinci for k750 on 22/6/05
- SEUS out for k750i 30/6/05
- Firmware release for W800.
- Fixed O2 GPRS problems in R1J
- Video quality R1J (i.e., inferior to firmware to R1J)
- JBenchmark 1: 3880
- JBenchmark 2: 335
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 201
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 121
- Software version:
Camera 4.4
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

- SEUS out for k750 on the 12/9/05.
- SEUS out for W800 on the 7/10/05.
- Increased video bitrate compared to R1L (as good as in R1A044)
- Improved photo quality (less noise in dark photos, improved
update frequency).
- Improved Bluetooth stability.
- Bluetooth security patch - no longer requests a file
Confirmation with paired devices.
- Contrast / Gamma changes were made to the display to improve the overall picture.
- Improved reception (signal strength indicator, usually higher,
Than in the previous firmware).
- Increase the volume of MP3.
- The backlight does not light up again to show the time after the phone is locked.
- Icons of the pop-up menu in the WAP browser have been changed.
- Fixed "More" error of the menu when adding e-mail addresses.
- Problem: Battery usage increased by about 20% after improvement,
Made in the reception.
- BAG: (Fixed in the current revision B) In some phones of the application
Java can no longer enable Bluetooth (for example, a message appears
"This investigation could not be completed," and not a question
"Allow applications to create a connection to a Bluetooth server?")
- Bug: Some phones have a problem with MS Duo after updating the firmware.
This happens after transferring files through the supplied USB cable.
Symptoms include the irresponsible behavior of the Media Player,
And file system problems, such as corrupted or deleted files.
Potential corrections are as follows:
- DUO FIX: Do not use the supplied USB cable to transfer files -
Use a USB memory stick.
- DUO Bugfix: In Device Manager / Drives, select
Memory Stick Properties of Sony Eri, and then "Optimize Performance"
On the policy tab. Now you should use "Safe Extraction"
Devices »
In the taskbar before disconnecting the phone.
- DUO FIX: Format the memory card in the phone, and then perform a Master Reset /
General reset.
Note that this will erase all the settings - perform a full backup
In advance.
This should be used as a last resort, and not necessarily
Will fix this problem.
- JBenchmark 3D LQ - approx 204
- JBenchmark 3D HQ - approx 123
- Software version:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1e

- SEUS out for W800 on the 15/10/05.
- Improved battery life compared to R1N035.
- Fixed bugs with low level of tonal sounds.
- Fixed Bluetooth audio problems.
- Bug: MS Duo error still present in this firmware.
See R1N035 entry for possible correction

- SEUS out for W800 2/12/05.
- SEUS out for k750i on 9/12/05.
- Fixed bugs MS Duo issues transferring files from computer to phone
Via USB cable included.
- Rotation and zooming in the picture are displayed
While the processing timer is running.
- Navigation through the menu (in particular, when displaying thumbnails) is faster.
- External speaker sound level increased
- The sound level for headphones is increased (by about 1 bar)
- Reducing noise when playing mp3 music at a low volume
- Improved photos in low light conditions.
- Contrast / Gamma - changes were made to the display to improve
Quality of the image on the screen.
- BAG: Increase of background noise during phone calls,
When the volume level is low.
- BAG: Some users report, sometimes "incorrect parameters"
Error messages when transferring files from phone to PC.
For some users, moving the USB cable to another USB jack,
solves the problem.
- PROBLEM: scaling the image. Pictures larger than 1632 pixels wide
And / or 1224 pixels in height can not be increased.
- JBenchmark 3D LQ: 201
- JBenchmark 3D HQ: 122
- JBenchmark 2: 330
- JBenchmark 1: 3814
- Software version:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1D / E

- SEUS out for k750i on 9/3/06.
- Free memory is now expressed in MB instead of KB.
- Photographing as soon as the shutter sound is heard.
- Slight increase in the volume of the speaker and headphones.
- Slight increase in the speed of the phone.
- FIX: background noise during a conversation at a low volume
('Error: hissing') is now fixed.
- FIX: Fixed image scaling error.
Pictures larger than 1632 pixels wide and / or 1224 pixels high
Now you can increase.
- FIX: Fixed all errors when transferring via USB.
- FIX: Increase stability in PhotoDJ and VideoDJ applications.
- JBenchmark 3D LQ: 202
- JBenchmark 3D HQ: 126
JBenchmark 2: 340
- JBenchmark 1: 3889
- Software version:
Camera 4.5
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

- Released for PLUS Polish operator on k750 and W800 on 6/4/06
- Available for Wotan server and DaVinci 20/5/06
- Beta version of the firmware
- Software version:
Camera 4.5
Improved stability of the system in general, no more reboots

To check your version of the firmware, in the standby mode, type> * << * <* - Service information. - Inf. About software.
Icons> and The first line in the information window indicates the version of the firmware installed in the phone.
When typing a combination on what will happen on the screen of attention do not pay.

Can have a CID (Protection of the system against unauthorized access):
- 36, 49

Phone Features:

Type: Multimedia Phone

Body type: Classic candy bar

SIM card type: normal
Number of SIM cards: 1

Color TFT, 262.144 thousand colors
Viewing angles are not large.

2.0 MPix.
1224x1632, built-in flash
Macro Photography
Multi-shot up to 4 frames

Audio features:
Player Wakman 1.0
The format of supported audio files is MP3, WAV, MIDI, 3GP, M4A, AAC, IMY (I-melody Melodies that perform light effects)

Standards - GSM 900/1800/1900
Access to the Internet - WAP 2.0, GPRS, HSCSD
Bluetooth 2.0, IRDA, USB-Fastport

Built-in memory - up to 34 MB (Depends on the software)
MemoryStickProDuo memory card slot up to 16GB

Samsung S3DWR R2A DB2010 110 MHz 1 core
(WR technology due to which the processor has the ability to accelerate up to 230 MHz using the device memory)
Power: Battery capacity: 900 mAh
Standby time: 400 hours. Player mode: 23h.
Weight: 99g
Dimensions (WxHxT): 46x100x21 mm

Interesting Facts:
1. Success in the market:
One of the most successful phones of the company. As in the case of the Ericsson T68, the demand was so great that at first the phones simply did not have enough.
Sony Ericsson again managed to create a device with maximum functionality, ahead of its time. And today its capabilities are sufficient for most users. A compact screen (100x46x19.5 mm, 100g) housed a quality screen, an excellent media player, FM radio with RDS support, a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, an improved menu interface with quick access tabs and much more. The only drawback was the lack of EDGE. This problem is typical for later models of the company.

2. Advantages and progress:
The main advantage of the device was, of course, an excellent 2-megapixel camera with autofocus. For a long time the company set the standard among the built-in cameras. None of the competitors managed to equal the Sony Ericsson W800i in popularity. Optics Carl Zeiss in the smartphone-camera Nokia N90 was more of a marketing move, in addition, the flagship Nseries had an inflated cost. Business phone Nokia 6230i lost the product Sony Ericsson almost in all respects, including - on the resolution of the camera. Another successful business device with a 2-megapixel camera, Samsung D600, was made in a slider form factor.

3. The first musical direction:
Nevertheless, the model also became a landmark for the company and for the entire mobile phone market. She was the ancestor of the line of music solutions (phones, smartphones, accessories) of the company - Sony Ericsson Walkman. Today it is the most numerous and representative line of the company, the most successful application of the heritage of Sony Corporation.
The success of the Sony Ericsson music background encouraged other manufacturers to start producing similar solutions. You can recall XpressMusic from Nokia, Q-fi from the already gone BenQ-Siemens, ROKR from Motorola, Ultra Music from Samsung. True, none of them have so far succeeded in repeating the success of Walkman. But all together they formed one of the main trends in the development of modern mobile phones - music solutions

4. The miracle did not work out:
The company abandoned the software support for flash swf in order to avoid multiple "bugs" of the system (it was not possible to optimize the function code correctly without hitting other functions.) Flash has disappeared since the first version only because it caused errors in the system and disrupted the work with the phone)

5. Checked for a long time:
1) The recommended bitrate of playable MP3 tracks is 192 and 256 kbps.
(When listening to 320 kbps, there may be nuances in the form of outsiders or lack of any sounds in the composition.) Most often, problems do not arise.
The amplifier can process in only 40 sounds / voices per second. Sounds, to which software processing does not have time to influence - either distorted, or completely disappear and do not reach the loudspeaker. If you also encountered such problems - just lower the quality to 256 kbit / s.
2) When working with "native browser" or heavy applications simultaneously with the player - the music is interrupted or does not stop at all for a long time. The reason is that the processor's Scuduller does not have time to process the commands, and the scheduler postpones buffering the audio stream to the "background"

Software and program for installation:

USB Drivers and Firmware:

Printed instruction for installing the software:
CID 36 and CID49

Software installation video:

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Nokia Lumia 520


* Alexei SEZTE,Try this sound)))

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15.05.16, 17:57

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HTC One M7


Made a videoHow to flash Sony Ericson W800With the help of Far Manager. Perhaps someone will need visual material.
I express my gratitude* Alexei SEZTE,

25.07.16, 00:03
Have fun;)

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Sony Ericsson W700i


Perhaps someone will need visual material.

Quite a good idea, it would be bad if the gallery of "devices" were also with us, mine has been disassembled. (The display broke) Well, you then at least start the photo "vylazhivat", and there I will soon tighten;)

I prefer Classics Genre
08.09.16, 19:51
Have fun;)

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Sony Ericsson W700i


Gallery of user devices :) Add a photo and I'll post it here, let's see from whom :D
Alexey SEZTE
Posted image

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I prefer Classics Genre
01.10.16, 20:45
Now I just a music producer.

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Sony Xperia acro S


Even pulled out of his pantry his old K750i and stitched under the W800i
Now I use as a player: happy:

The only thing is that after the sound drivers from the headset, the headset a2dp for some reason does not work, does not reproduce anything. But the reboot solves the issue before you connect a wired headset. I do not know what this is connected with, maybe the headset itself has already run, in any case I'll try to reflash and roll the patches again

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Sony Xperia acro S - With Android 5.1 - 90% work, but no GSM option ...
16.10.16, 00:39
Have fun;)

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Sony Ericsson W700i


A2dp headset

Strange, but these models do not have A2DP profile in bluetooth

I prefer Classics Genre

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