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>Russian operating system "OS Patriot"
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Russian Operating System "Patriot OS"

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"Patriot OS" - It's time to learn Russian.
The Russian operating system of the future generation "Patriot OS" is a unique operating system that will be developed by Russian programmers for domestic consumption and protection of Russian citizens from the monopolies of Microsoft, Google, Apple and other similar companies. "Patriot OS" is a revolution in the field of Information Technology.
The concept of illustrations of the Operating System "Patriot OS" was taken as a model for full perception of the minimum system capabilities.
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Posted image
Posted image
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The maximum capabilities of Patriot OS will be unlimited. We want to note that these illustrations are not a prototype of the Operating System.
The importance of this system is difficult to assess, since the Russians never had a domestic system and always depended on the "West", which is absurd, since our scientists were ahead of the whole planet in the invention of state-of-the-art technologies.
Since the Patriot OS must maintain its secrecy, we will not be able to disclose all innovations of this system, in order not to let our "Western" partners hope to appropriate super technologies.
It's time to change trends and prove to the world that their technology has reached its climax and can not develop as rapidly as it was before this time.

"Patriot OS" will be the only operating system that will allow to achieve super-results in the security of data transmission and their safety, which will eliminate the possibility of hacking and stealing information.
Having an exclusive architecture, Patriot OS will be able to provide unlimited access to computer resources, which will allow creating intelligent operating systems for absolutely any devices.
"Patriot OS" will have its own "Internet" - "Patriot", which will be available only to users of the "Patriot OS" system. "Patrionet" is the technology of the future generation, which will allow you to forget what "tedious" Internet pages are, and to plunge into ultra-fast dynamic technologies where there is no place for "ancient" systems.
"Patriot OS" will have support for the Internet and other popular networks.
With a unique integration feature, you can install "Patriot OS" on top of "Windows" and "Linux", which will allow you to quickly adapt to the new operating system.
Multiplatform "Patriot OS" will allow using the same operating system in all electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, cars, airplanes, smart houses / apartments, and other modern inventions.
"Patriot OS" is a dynamic operating system, where it will be possible to compile your own "Patriot OS" assembly, which you like more.
"Patriot OS" as a super-powerful system will be in demand in all organizations, beginning with small enterprises and ending with large businesses, banks, state structures. With a centralized resource control system, Patriot OS will help create intelligent centers for these organizations and connect offices located at various points of the globe into a single system, as one whole "link" with minimal effort.
"Patriot OS" is a domestic product that will set new trends for developers and users around the world. Our plans include the annual improvement of the Patriot OS and further integration with the latest technologies.
"Patriot OS" will use Russian as the main language. Time to forget about the monopoly of English language on technology and software. The moment came when we can offer the world community to learn Russian. We plan to translate "Patriot OS" into other languages ​​as needed.
Having ultra-fast processing and data transfer, "Patriot OS" will open new opportunities in the design of popular programs and applications.
Your help to this project is a significant contribution to the future of the country, children, history, education, safety, technology and many other undeniable values. Helping us, you help all our compatriots.
So let's help each other !!!

Your participation
"Patriot OS" needs serious financial support. Creating an operating system of the future is a cheap pleasure. We ask for financial assistance from all citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We hope to receive serious State support and support from all leading companies of the Russian Federation in financing this project.
All that we do and will do, is for the benefit of the development of our Russia and its citizens. We do not pursue any commercial interest and hope that the whole country will hear us.

Rewards - Ranks
The brightest Sponsors "Patriot OS" will be able to receive titles that will remain with them in the official version of "Patriot OS". The system of titles will be announced later when the beta version of the project is released, but now you can determine some of the privileges. We would like to note that the received titles are a special status in the "Patriot OS", which, users can get privileges without a limitation period. The privilege sheet will be expanded every year and will include all possible bonuses and special statuses. We would like to note that the receipt of any of the titles in "Patriot OS" after the official release will be a very complicated and painstaking procedure, since users with titles will have significant distinctions in "Patriot OS".
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Short Implementation Plan
In 2015 the tree "Patriot OS" will be developed. We will go from the initial stage of project development to its beta version. This year, serious work will be carried out to find and expand professional staff. And also we will prepare the full documentation on the project, which will include and explain all the topics that will excite our future users and fans.
In 2016, the whole world will prepare for the release of the first official beta version of the project, our portals and forums will work actively, several intriguing innovations will be announced, and of course, an official presentation will take place, in which all those heroes who believe in us and Helped the project to take place(We mean all those kind people who will sponsor the project through boomstarter)
In 2017, "Patriot OS" will prepare for a worldwide official release. There will be even more tasty information, scientific departments will begin to work on the further development of the project. We will announce further innovative projects to be implemented in the Patriot OS.
In 2018, "Patriot OS" will wait for a new update and a lot of different pleasant trifles for our users. We will announce further plans for the development of the project. The result of this year will be the project's exit onto the world stage as the only next-generation Operating System.

"Patriot OS" will be a symbol of independence from foreign technologies. We will be able to build our own ultra-modern industry in the field of information innovations, which will not have equal in terms of level of development and scale. "Patriot OS" is a loud start, followed by even more significant projects.
We ask all people who are interested in the "Patriot OS" to contribute to its development and support our other projects. Having a broad audience, we together can achieve unprecedented success and open the way to the future.
Reward 500p or more
Early access to the basic API "Patriot OS"
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Reward 1,000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS"
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Remuneration 3 000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers.
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Reward 9 000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers. + The title of "Professional" from the organization "Patriot OS"
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Reward 15,000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers. + The title of "Hero" from the organization "Patriot OS"
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Remuneration 30,000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers. + Ability to participate in the development as a volunteer. + The title of "Masters" from the organization "Patriot OS"
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Reward 50,000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers. + Ability to participate in the development as a volunteer. + The title of "Master" from the organization "Patriot OS" + Skip to the festive event, which will take place after the beta release of the project.
Delivery date: Dec. 2016

Reward 90,000p and more
Early access to the beta test and the base API "Patriot OS" + Invitation to meet with the developers. + Ability to participate in the development as a volunteer. + The title "Admiral" from the organization "Patriot OS" + Pass to the festive event, which will take place after the beta release of the project. + Possibility of own presentation of ideas on the development of "Patriot OS" at the press forum.


Why the amount of 38.5 million rubles?
The amount of 38,500,000 rubles is symbolic - it would be a good start to attract more serious investments. We did not plan to fully collect this amount. It was important for us to know the opinion of the public, and I think we got it. It is very pleasant that so many people are concerned about this problem. Everyone understands that the creation of Patriot OS, or similar, requires a lot of time and funding.
Will the project be implemented only in Russia or will it be available in other countries?
We believe that the technologies that make the world a better place should be accessible to all. Base Patriot OS should be, of course, in the Russian Federation, as I believe that Russia is the center of freedom and security.
What technologies will be used in the "Patriot OS"?
We will answer this question and similar questions after the release of the project to the general public, or you can read the description in one of the magazines or web portals.
What devices will be supported by "Patriot OS"?
At the moment, we are only planning to launch the Patriot OS from under other operating systems. This can be a virtual machine or a client application. It makes no sense to develop another OS for existing "Western" devices, thereby making them even more in demand on the Russian market. If we can produce our own computer equipment ourselves, then there will be a talk about creating a full-fledged OS for this particular equipment. Then we can already answer questions about writing drivers and supporting other devices with our equipment. We can also raise the question of creating our own modern Russian programming language, if necessary. There have already been a lot of reports on this. The main goal is to show that we can create standing systems without "Western" influence.
Is there a work plan for Patriot OS?
After reading the description "Patriot OS", many people thought that all the innovations that are described there, we will be able to implement within 1-3 years. The description specifies the opportunities that the project will be able to with successful financing and work for 10 years. We wanted to inform our public that if we start work on Patriot OS, then this will be our main directions, but it was not said anywhere that all these innovations will be available tomorrow. Google, Microsoft, Apple, too, not immediately built.
Plan and Objectives:

  1. Get to know the audience and find your audience of users who will be interested in the project.
  2. To hear their opinions and opinions of those people who are skeptical about such ideas (projects).
  3. To study wishes and feedback, after which it will be possible to highlight the main directions in development and make adjustments to the work plan.
  4. Provide available information to potential investors and discuss possible investments.
  5. With the success of the project on boomstarter, start developing a prototype Patriot OS with clients or emulators for Windows and Linux.
  6. When concluding investment contracts, to start looking for partners in the development of equipment for the Patriot OS, then there will already be a talk about creating a full-fledged OS for these devices.
  7. Development of own data centers and the beginning of work on "Patrionet" and other important modules in the field of security.
  8. By the end of 2016, run the beta patriot OS on clients or emulators Windows and Linux, where you can test the basic principles of the system.
  9. Continue working on the release version of the Patriot OS on clients or emulators for Windows and Linux.
  10. By the end of 2017, run the Patriot OS and show the prototype of a full-fledged Patriot OS on some of the developed devices.
  11. Perhaps by the end of 2018 to release the first device, which will operate under the patriot OS. This sheet can be continued indefinitely. We have a work and development plan. Nothing is impossible. But if the project does not gain popularity, then there is no point in developing it. If the project does not find the necessary investment and support, then most likely we will only see the Patriot OS prototype. Most importantly, we are trying to do something. Perhaps not as good as we would like, but it's also worth something. Thanks to all those who care.

Why do we want to develop a "Patriot OS"?
With the latest developments in the world, it became clear that information security is a very important issue. Brainwashing is not a joke, people are dying and crazy, not knowing what to believe. If now we can still resist, then in 10 years we will completely read and listen to the news of the "Western" world. We are more concerned about the problems that our children will face, and then it will be too late to change something. I would not want the heads of other countries to tell us that listening to what to watch could turn off the Internet at any time, steal our past, prohibit web portals from working with Russian users. Imagine if you wake up tomorrow and can not go to your favorite social networks, or call someone online, do not find your photos and lose a bunch of useful information, google will stop responding to Russian language requests, or worse, the Internet does not Will be available in the territory of the Russian Federation. What then? China has long understood the essence of the problem, why should we always do the last thing.
Will the Patriot OS be based on Linux or Unix?
Definitely not. "Patriot OS" can be compared with "Cloud OS", where you manage the resources of data centers.
Will there be games for "Patriot OS"?
Architecture "Patriot OS" was not created for games, but since this issue is number 4 by popularity, we will revise it. Many companies have already begun to offer cooperation in this area, and they are interested in our platform. We think that we can release games for "Patriot OS" and ask game manufacturers to send their proposals
Why there is no technical description of the project or why the stamp of "secrecy"?
The project architecture contains many different concepts (modules), each module contains its own architecture, most of these modules can be used in other projects independently of each other. Or someone other than us can get a patent on this or that idea, which can kill the project even at the development stage. We tell the technical information to our investors when signing the document on "Non-disclosure" and we want to limit this for the time being.
Why "Patriot OS" has a general description and little specifics?
"Patriot OS" caused a lot of discussions and not only about the project. People began to communicate and share their opinions in various areas, which we certainly did not expect. Initially, we wanted to be understood by all people in all spheres of activity, not only those who have a technical background. If the project receives serious financial support, and we begin to develop the Patriot OS not at the prototype level, we will be able to lay out some parts of the technical description.
Who are the investors of the project?
Proposals come from different people. We would like to see the participation of the Russian government, state structures and ministries. We are interested in offers from Russian businesses and investors. We also do not exclude the possibility that the banking sector will take part. The money that we collect on boomstarter will be a good start and will attract the attention of larger partners. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have already sponsored the project.
Why do I do this "I"?
I do not do it for money or for fame. Moreover, I am absolutely independent financially and will not be left without work. I absolutely adequately look at things and do not suggest creating something impossible. "Patriot OS" is not a miracle or a revolution, similar technologies have been developed for a long time. The idea of ​​creating "Patriot OS" already exists for 5 years, and now is the moment when it can be realized. I am more concerned with such issues as freedom of thought, independence of opinions, development of the IT industry in Russia. I would like my relatives, friends and all our compatriots to use our technologies and develop our country with you in the way we think is necessary. Our future depends on us and our actions. And if I fight for it alone, let it be so, but I know one thing, that there are a million people who do not care what will happen to them tomorrow, but there are hundreds of millions who think otherwise. To which audience you belong, choose yourself. I have long made my choice. Anyone who wants to join the movement can always communicate with me. Thank you to all those who are not indifferent and support the project constantly.
What is the Patriot?
The patriot is an unreal name for the network, we just touched on this issue. The patriot is not a substitute for a boarding school, it's own network, where there will be principles of safe data transmission.

Warning: The author of the article on w3bsit3-dns.com does not bear any responsibility for the content of the article, the site and the final product of the project. The user nikitos_2002 is not related to this project. This information is provided for purely informative purposes only.

Good afternoon !

First of all, we want to congratulate all the veterans with the Great Victory! We appreciate everything you have done for us and we are sincerely grateful to you for that. Your heroic deed will remain in our hearts forever!

We continue to receive many reports about the Patriot OS project.

We would like to inform once again that the project Patriot OS ceased to exist for not enough funding.

We were very pleased to participate in the discussions with the public. We heard many brilliant ideas and thoughts. People of all ages addressed us and asked very interesting questions. But unfortunately, it is our burden to scream and beat ourselves in the chest, that we are cleverer than everyone else, and do nothing ourselves for the development of our country and, moreover, do not give the opportunity to develop various innovative directions to other citizens of our large state.

Most likely, we will continue to scold and judge Americans for their stupidity and disorder, but use their operating systems and computers. And it will probably be about 10 years until this mentality absolutely does not reach us and we will stay with empty carats until such countries as China, Germany, England can compete at a level with monopolistic information giants and protect the interests of their citizens.

Our country is great! But we must understand that in addition to missiles and submarines, there are other parameters that determine the well-being of a particular nation, and this is information independence, which we do not have.

We all express great gratitude for your support and hope that someday we will be able to offer a serious alternative to the West and secure our children from the intervention of alien information into their minds.

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"Patriot OS" will have its own "Internet" - "Patriot", which will be available only to users of the "Patriot OS" system. "Patrionet" is the technology of the future generation, which will allow you to forget what "tedious" Internet pages are, and to plunge into ultra-fast dynamic technologies, where there is no place for "ancient" systems. This is a minus, since in many of our regions except mobile Internet, there is nothing. And the fact that the system will work on all devices, these words are an exact copy of the company and Canonical and their Ubuntu system, which is being developed not for one year. And then what, only dreams and whether they will ever be realized, or who does not know. And besides, if the system with relatives of cloud systems, such as Chrome os, Jolly os, then excuse me for this is utter crap, I do not know who likes such systems. It's just interesting, but what did not previously do not undertake to create its own system, or now the cause of the principle, catch up and overtake. It seems to me better than what exists now, it is difficult to create and even more so to realize and that the system has gained popularity. I for example use Ubuntu, but after all the most part of the population about Linux systems did not hear at all, and who knows what, then they drive such nonsense that in these systems there is nothing but a terminal :-D Okay, Our system is stretched for many years.
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The concept of illustrations of the Operating System "Patriot OS" was taken as a model for full perception of the minimum system capabilities.
This information is provided for purely informative purposes only.
The package of illustrations dates back to 2013, called Raster clipart New Modern Technology (279pcs), Copyright holder of someone Bigstock®: D

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Thank you, neighing. Only post is not there posted, for this there is a themeAll the funny thing

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Hmm ... You should be happy! Look what minds, what large-scale ideas, ambitions! The pride of our country!
But there is a "but" ... Here they say: in Russia, two ills are fools and roads ...
And in programming, you see, the crooked hands and the lack of sponsors
Do not get me wrong, just IMHO)

I used to think a lot ... well, now I gave up this idea
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