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Alcatel OT-6015X Fire E - firmware download
Alcatel OT-6015X Fire E, Alcatel 6015X, 6015X, Alcatel Fire E, Alcatel OT-6015X Fire E
DiscussionAlcatel One Touch Fire E
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This topic will help to understand how to flash an Alcatel OT-6015X phone on Mozilla Firefox OS 2, Android 4, learn the ways of unlocking, And will help in further work on adapting the modem to the Android 4 OS(At the moment only emergency calls are available)
And also not a little important, the topic will help you in a difficult situation, when the phone does not turn on. The instructions are not easy, but they will help. Good luck! : friends:: popcorm:
Please read everything in its entirety, all instructions, use the search, understand, help. Also, you can send your version of a more understandable description with a personal message. THANK YOU TOO! FOR THE RESPECT FOR THE WORK OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO HELP YOU! THANK YOU: beee:

Manufacturer: Alcatel
Model: OT-6015X Fire E
Battery capacity (MAh): 1700
Processor Type: Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8210
Clock Speed ​​(MHz): 1200
RAM (MB): 512
Built-in Memory (GB): 4
Screen resolution (px): 540 x 960
Video Accelerator: Adreno 302
Rear camera (megapixel): 5
Camera in front (Mp): 0.3
Other: FM-radio, G-Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Memory Cards: microSD, microSDHC
Connectors: microUSB
OS Firefox OS

Drivers and Utilities
Drivers and utilities for manipulating the phone
Working with files in HEX form
Program to restore and backup Flash
Attached fileHDDRawCopy1.10Portable.rar ( 548,04 )

EMMC RAW Tool Utility for editing internal data in disk mode
Qualcomm service program for more serious work with the phone
Attached fileQPST.2.7.402.rar ( 12,69 )

Files for restoring the markup tables
Attached fileRevival files.rar ( 14,86 )

Qualcom-m drivers for serviceability of service programs
Attached fileDriver_Qualcom-m.7z ( 9,27 )

To copy data by sector
Attached fileHDDRawCopy1.10Portable.rar ( 548,04 )

Software Recovery Software Mobile Upgrade Q 4.5.6 Setup.exe
Direct link to Alcatel Mobile Upgrade 4.5.6Mobile Upgrade
Owners manual alcatel 6015

Instructions for firmware and recovery
Firmware backup
Firmware backup
A good rule is to make a backup copy of the device immediately after purchase. In this case, you can always return it to the "just from the store" state, whatever you do with it.

1-cut off all the devices from the PC (ideally a notebook with a charged battery) plug the USB cable into the PC.
2-Turn off the phone, and then hold the buttonVolume "-" Volume "+"And connect the tail to the phone and continue to holdVolume "-" Volume "+"7 more seconds.
3- At the same time you can have a lot of disks, some of which will not open (do not pay attention to it, just close the window with a cross, you do not need to read them).

1-Download the utility HDD Raw Copy-Attached fileHDDRawCopy1.10Portable.rar ( 548,04 )

4- At the same time you may have a lot of disks, some of which will not open (do not pay attention to it, just close the window with a cross, you do not need to read them).
5-Run the HDD Raw Copy, and
6-on the first screen, where we select the source, i.e. That we will copy - choose USB Qualcomm MMC Storage and click Continue:
7-On the next screen, we select the file in which we will save the backup copy (double click will open the window - select the storage location and write the file name any, we do not change the extension) and
8-press the button Continue.
9-Press the Start button and wait for the process to finish.
Then disconnect the bodies from the PC and long press to turn it on.

Recovery from a copy
Recovery from a copy
How to restore the 6015x alctal (and other models) from a backup:
Attached fileHDDRawCopy1.10Portable.rar ( 548,04 )

The actions for restoring the phone are completely similar. Those. Select Source as the source file, and Target as USB Qualcomm MMC Storage.

If during the filling of the backup, the process stops at you before reaching 10%, you must completely clear the MMC Flash device before performing the restoration. To make, it is possible for example with the help diskpart:

Brick original article
If after removing the MMC Flash you disconnected the device from the PC, the next time you turn on it, you can not restore the backup using HDD Raw Copy. Because The device will be determined by you in the device manager as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008. For this case, there is the following instruction from
I article
Not much history:
During the attempt to restore through the HDD Raw Copy, the usb cable was pulled out, as well as when the update was interrupted via a mobile upgrade or when the electronic power was suddenly disconnected, especially if the "96/11100" was already unpacking and, in consequence, the phone went into a brick state.
There are not many symptoms in my brick: the phone does not turn on, it does not vibrate, it does not charge (the PSU is cold), the LED does not light up, the option in the Task Manager does not help, nor does it press the Reset button for a long time. To understand how much the brick became your device you need to look in the device manager, as it is determined.

Most likely, there are 3 options here:

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 is more serious when the markup and the device are not mounted in any way.
Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 In this case, the device is connected as another disk. Then go directly to point 2 (in simple terms, fill in the backup image via HDDRawCopy - described above)
No, there are no unknown devices in the list of COM ports, too, there is nothing like Qulcomm.
So, let's begin...
1- we destroy all antiviruses and other firewalls and anti-virus administrators, etc.
2-Reboot the PC. Before loading Windows, click F8 and select "Disable driver digital signature verification". Installing the Calcummm DriverAttached fileDriver_Qualcom-m.7z ( 9,27 )

3-Disconnect all flash drives, printer and other devices from the BB (Basic Block-better laptop with a working battery).
4- We connect the bodies to the BB.
Install QPSTAttached fileQPST.2.7.402.rar ( 12,69 )

Run QPSTConfig (in compatibility with Windows XP SP3 and administrator rights - if the latest version is optional)
5-We see the COM port to which the phone is connected, if there is another add our add + button (if the version is the most recent, the program itself will see the phone and a green scale will appear)
Without closing the window of this program We run eMMC Software Download (in the compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3 and administrator rights on Windows 7-64x I did without these tweaks on the latest version of QPST will be in the link).
6-Check the connection of the phone to the COM port of the device (button Browse ...)
7-above the Browse button there is a line in which you must specify the path to the sahara file
8 and you need to register another: Flash Programmer file name: MPRG8x10.mbn (you can copy the file name along with the extension and paste it into the program window)
9-Boot Image: 8x10_msimage.mbn similarly
10-Clutter Load XML def ... specify for the 6015x pusher the path to the patch0 file is all in the same folder
11-We tick Search path 2 and in the appeared line with the button ... choose the path to the folder with repair files did not install the files from the repair folder (it will be link) after installation QPST: \ Program Files (x86) \ Qualcomm \ QPST \ Bin
By the way, all the files to which you need to specify the path in pp 7-8-9-10-11 are initially in the folder with repair files / REMOVALE /Attached fileRevival files.rar ( 14,86 )

12-Next, click Download. We wait for a while while the device is not about sewing (two green strips will reach the end), it will start up (it vibrates once) and will be defined as Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 (In Windows, I defined as not known usb device, but COM port Has disappeared). Do not turn off the tablet and do not press anything. I did not have two strips for less than a minute hanging a circle, then the phone stopped being visible QPST_om-it's no longer important who and where it is seen

Brick from tcvet22: moil: (contact closure):Suitable for rollback c FFOS 2
If the phone is okinked and when connected to the computer either it is not detected, then we disassemble it, then unscrew the upper plastic cap, turn off the battery, close the contacts (as in the photo, I closed the 100 Ohm resistor), and simultaneously connect to the computer, and the miracle The phone was identified as **** 9008 **, then you need to restore the bootloader and disk structure with QPST, the instruction is for 6014, it is completely suitable for our 6015, after which the phone is defined as **** 9006 ****, well Then fill the firmware with HDDRAWCopy.
By the way, what would be to roll back from FFOS2.0 to 1.3 had to disassemble and close the TP, with the keys the phone did not translate Downloadmode, for a flash. (Maybe it was not translated from me)
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Posted image

Brick by user dazn311: smoke:

Initial data:
Alcatel 6015x with a wiped loader (Spoiled in the program EMMCRAW).
It was determined, after that, as unknown hardware in Windows 7x64.
!! All actions to the end were made without a battery!
In the compatibility mode with Win XP-SP3 and administrator rights on Win 7-64x I did not!

What is necessary for the procedure:
1. Resistor per 100 Ohm;
2. Drivers from Alcatel (downloaded from the cap);
3. The QPST program (downloaded from the header);
4. HDD Raw Copy Tool (downloaded from the header);
5. Repair files Revival files (downloaded from the header).

Actions on the instructions that are in the cap + prompts of forum participants:
1. Disassembled the phone (removed the back cover, unscrewed the plastic top of the phone);
2. The test point is closed by a 100 ohm resistor for two seconds.
The phone was connected by cable to a PC,
New equipment appeared in the "Device Manager" HS-USB-QDLoader9008;
3. Launched QPST Configuration.
There was highlighted one COM5 port. With the inscription "Q / QCP-XXX (Sahara Download)";
4. Launched the next, without turning off QPST Configuration, from the same set of eMMC Software Download.
A) In it, in the field for Sahara, the XML file specified the path to the sahara.xml file from the Revival files.
B) I registered in the Flash Programmer file name: MPRG8x10.mbn.
C) I registered in the Boot Image field: 8x10_msimage.mbn.
D) By the Load XML def ... button specified the path to the patch0 file from the Revival files.
E) Marked the Search path 2, and in the appeared line the button "..." chose the path to the folder with the repair files Revival files.
F) Clicked the Download button. Behind the stripes below did not follow, as described in the instructions.
After three or four seconds, the "Manager of Equipment" appeared another
Equipment QHSUSB_BULK.
G) QHSUSB_BULK via the driver update installed as ALCATEL HS-USB Diagnostics 9006;

5. Closed all programs, and launched HDD Raw Copy Tool.
A) I specified the image file FFOS2 (I had my own, you can download it from the header).
B) on the second tab indicated the phone USB Qualcomm MMC Storage, and clicked Continue.

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Posted image

1-cut off all the devices from the PC (ideally a notebook with a charged battery) plug the USB cable into the PC.
2-Turn off the phone, and then hold the buttonVolume "-" Volume "+"And connect the tail to the phone and continue to holdVolume "-" Volume "+"7 more seconds.
3- At the same time you can have a lot of disks, some of which will not open (do not pay attention to it, just close the window with a cross, you do not need to read them).

To restore the device, which is in the state of Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9006, you need a program HDD Raw CopyAttached fileHDDRawCopy1.10Portable.rar ( 548,04 )

1-in the HDD Raw Copy program, 2 times click on FILE,
2-choose an image from your home phone if there is, if you do not ask at the forum (and later restore your IMEI), I did not flee in the course of the IMEI case, and so many write, it probably does not copy imei,
3-Continue >>,
4- in the next. Window (Target) select USB Qualcomm MMC Storage and click Continue >>>.
5- After that, start the process of restoring the phone's file system.

FFOSPosted image
FFOS 1.3Mobile Upgrade Q 4.5.6 Setup.exe
Direct link to Alcatel Mobile Upgrade 4.5.6Mobile Upgrade
Owners manual alcatel 6015

The sources of the stock fox 6015x appeared. There is also an android source from 6016x. From 6014х yet. Perhaps it helps in adapting the

[Color = royalblue] In this version, there is no Russian languageNOT RECOMMENDED[/ Color]
Mozilla Firefox OS 2 (RUNNING TO 1.3 PROBLEMS)

By Delio_MaN
For the firmware see the instructions section / semi-brick

Russian keyboard (Did not check)

In dreams: Russian_ru :: bubble:
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Android 4.3
Posted image
INSTRUCTIONSAndroid 4.3 (flashing all partitions, with a modem)
1. Download and install on PCSUGAR QCT_SP(We give an affirmative answer to the question);
2. Download the phone image from the kernel to the PCMAIL_cloud Alcatel OneTouch 6014x;
3. Download the archive with the utility on the PCHDDRawCopy1.10Portable;
4. Unzip the utility on the PC;
5. Run the utility on the PC;
6. Select the last line in the utility (without your HDD) and specify the path to the downloaded firmware of the Alcatel OneTouch 6014x on the PC;
7. Click "Continue >>>" on the PC;
8. Turn off the phone !!!;
9. Turn off the phone, and then hold down the Volume button "-" and the Volume "+" and connect the USB tail to the phone (just do not mix it with another wire :) and continue to hold the Volume "-" and the Volume "+" "for another 7 seconds.
10. Connect the phone with the pressed buttons to the computer (the File Double-click to open file field will change to another);
11. Click on the appeared button "Continue >>>" or "Start" on the PC (We are waiting for notification of a successful firmware);
12. Disconnect the phone from the computer;
13. Press the power button of the phone (the phone will not turn on or vibrate !!!);
14. Connect the phone to this computer;
15. Run the SUGAR QCT_SP on the PC;
16. We enter login and password:Attached fileMODEM_INFO_HELP.rar(155 bytes)
(The server field is NOT changed to Italian and DO NOT update the program !!!);
17. We select OneTouch 6014 in the list, press upgrade (the phone is stitched at the time of 15min and in my opinion gives out a notification about the successful firmware);
18. Turn the phone on;
19. We are happy!

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Result 4рмучанина)
Http: //

Posted image
Attached fileCom.ash.androidlnavigationbar_v9_69cb85.apk ( 149,93 )

For convenience: D


FAQ!?. Read necessarily
Ladies and gentlemen, let's clear up once and for the moment with a rollback to the fox, and then with a return to the android.
Everyone has a surprise of two types in turn:
1) The fox does not see SIM;
2) Shil android without shugar - SIM sees and everything works.

I explain: in the memory of the smartphone is OSes and restoring backups or flashing other versions you are working only with the memory of the smartphone, and the firmware of the modem is in the modem itself and the process of inserting the operating system does not affect how, therefore, the answers to the above-mentioned surprises:
1) The fox does not see SIM because the sugar has flashed your modem under the android and nothing has changed in the modem from the change of the operating systems;
2) The Android sees SIM because see the previous answer Sugar has flashed your modem under Android and from the change of the operating systems nothing in the modem has changed.

There is no question of any return to the fox until the shergar comes to life or there is another way to patch the modem (for example, the programmer).

Posted image
The unlock, at the moment, is possible with NCK code
And programmatically,But no suitable method was found. The modem is flashed when installing Android program SUGAR QCT_SP

A new way to get root:
- Download the eMMC RAW TooleMMC RAW Tool
- We swing custom rekoveri from the cap -Attached ( 9,68 )

- Download the phone in DownloadMode - in the off state, hold down the volume down button and plug in the USB cable
- We put Qualcomm drivers (there is a utility in the header)
- Run the eMMC RAW Tool (from under the admin)
- We make a Full Image backup using the eMMC RAW Tool (the "Read Full Image" button)
- Set, and then remove the "Show Partition Gaps" dow on the right side of the screen (otherwise, if the first time the program is started, there will not be Presets in the next stage)
- Recording custom recovery via Preset "RECOVERY" ("Browse" button - select image recovery -> "Presets" selector - select "RECOVERY" -> "Write" button at the bottom right)
- Disconnect the phone from the computer and a long press on the power button load
- Loaded in recovery - in the off state, we hold down the button for increasing the volume and power for a few seconds
- We put SuperSU (zip) through recovery
2. We make a backup of the system.
3. We are loaded into fuflofox, we connect to the PC as a flash drive.
4. Find the folder with backup, delete all attached files and fill in the files from thisarchive.
5. Loading in the recovery and recovering from the backup.
Get out, unsubscribe.

Discussion topic: adaptation of the modem for Android;
And quality of work of different wasps

VERY IMPORTANT IMAGE WITH FFOS 1.3 +Android 4.3Please dump and fill in the cloud: girl_cray:Thank u from users
1. Reloaded the FFOS 1.3 backup;Https://
2. Added the archive of the andryush ( from SUGAR QCT (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SUGAR QCT_SP \ bin \ downloaded)

Phones with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8210 processor

References, ext. Information on device recovery

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UPDATED March 11, 2013
The topic will be updated as the proposals for improvement are received.
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I asked for androud everything turned out, thanks to everyone for the information provided in this thread. Question!!! Buggy Andrew, slows down. All so who bore it? Will it help to re-load the firmware via HDD RAW ??? Another question: with the current firmware (6014), you can safely dig into the topics about alcatel 6014 idolchetotam ???

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