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D & D Lords of Waterdeep, [iPhone] [iPad] Board game for the universe Dungeons & Dragons

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D & D Lords of Waterdeep
Version: 1.2.4

Last update of the game in the header:22.11.2014

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Short description:
Board game for the universe Dungeons & Dragons.

Waterdeep (or Deepwater) is one of the most influential cities of the Forgotten Realms, ruled by Lords in Masks, in the role of which players have to perform. Acting through the agent network, the Lords hire adventurers and send them to dangerous tasks, receive rewards and increase their influence in the city, expand it with new buildings that open access to new game activities, and interfere or help other Lords.
  • Number of players: from 2 to 5 (in the additions of Undermountain or Scoundrels of Skullport to 6) for one device, or online
  • Play with real people, or with AI
  • Many possibilities for playing online
  • You need a Playdek account to play online
  • Game Center Support
  • Universal App

Developer:Playdek, Inc.
Compatibility:Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application is optimized for iPhone 5.
Rules of paper version in Russian.

Homepage: Http://www.playdekgames.com/support.php
iTunes Store: Https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id648019675

Translation of rules and maps.

version 1.2.4
Hacking on ds for devices without jail iOS 9

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Despite the fact that I did not like the game (it was simply not interesting), I can say that it is very well done and, as far as I understand, it perfectly conveys the spirit of the original desktop

Rep: (852)
Thank you for posting on the resource. In the light of the upcoming additions will be very relevant.

Rep: (20)
This version is already with the ability to purchase add-ons (Skullport and Undermountain). Already bought".

By the way, in my opinion - this is one of the best desktops on the Iphone (Scales well, normal fonts, it's convenient to play).

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* Dairid,
Tried only on the ipad. Not a little bit on the iphone?

Rep: (20)
No, on the iPhone just fine. In contrast to Agricola or Warhammer Quest, for example.

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version 1.2.1
What's New
• Fixed the opponent bar icons not aligning properly on the iPod and iPhone 3/4 when playing without the Skullport expansion enabled.
• Fixed an issue with the selection trays not displaying properly in certain situations.
• Fixed graphics alignment on some cards.
• Updated Poison Quill to work with Study in the Librarium.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Rep: (1286)
version 1.2.2
What's New
• Fixed the Log to show the correct VP acquired when purchasing a building
• Changed the Log so it displays the resources returned when using effects like The Three Pearls and Frontal Lobe
• Fixed the replenishment of buildings in the Builder's Hall when using Swindle the Builder's Guild and Threaten the Builder's Guild


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* mr_yoda,
Do you play in Waterdeep yourself?

Rep: (1286)
* Dyuss,
I do not have time :) Games are so cool. Only the training was over, but I liked the game. I'll have to do it thoroughly.

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* mr_yoda,
Just think I should buy it. I read various reviews on European portals.

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* Dyuss,
It's hard to say, learning is indistinct, as opponents take normal quests is not clear after 7 drawings, I constantly lose :). The game reminded me a little of the monopoly. For a price tag of 129p +2 add-on 33r, in principle, you can take.

Posted on 08/08/2014, 00:06:

And yes addons are better to take as you will deal with the main deck, although they can be configured in the options before the game

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In my subjective opinion, there is nothing in common with the monopoly. Although, rather like a more interesting version of "Agricola", Stone Age or Le Havre, which also is on the iPad. To carry out quests adventurers is much more interesting than building a farm or a port city. In general, from the games with the mechanics of "put the worker", I did not play anything more interesting. For me, the game is comparable with Elder Sign or Magic.

Quests take when placing workers in tavern buildings (cliftwatch inn) or some others. In this case, it is also desirable that the quest corresponded to the lord (so that the lord received a bonus at the end of the game). At the very beginning of the game "plot quests" is much more useful than usual, somewhere after the middle simple ones become more profitable.

Rep: (852)
* Dairid,
Thank you. Perhaps I will get acquainted and get better.

Rep: (1103)
* Dyuss,
I liked the game, it was really interesting. Liked that, you can win in several ways, for quests or for built buildings, depending on whose lord they give at the start, and the graphics in the game are pleasant

Posted on 08.08.2014, 19:50:

* Dairid,
Well, some points are similar, and of course I'm a bit inaccurately put it

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version 1.2.3
What's New
• Fixed "Monsters Made to Order" so it properly triggers "Shelter Zhentarim Agents" and records the corruption gained in the log.


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Reason for editing: Superfluous about in the spoiler :)

Rep: (1286)
version 1.2.4
What's New
• Fixed the logging of resources gained when using your own building with the Impersonate Tax Collector
• Improved iOS 8 support


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Translation of rules and maps, from Alexander Petrunin.

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* DraGDooM,
Has added in a cap. Thank you. To many it is useful.

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Overwill the Russian rules

Rep: (-2)
Read the comments and was simply horrified, the monopoly and the agricola are similar to the D & D Lords of Waterdeep ......
I do not know the real age of commenting, but if you do not know what kind of game it is, do not compare it with other games. You insult "old men" who, as a child, cut it in this little table with friends.
This is how Sims compare with Contra or BattleToads on a dandy. : Beee:

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