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It's no secret that many programs released by developers several years ago, as of now, are irrelevant for one reason or another. The program either does not update at all, or there are more well-known analogues that have become de-facto standard, and the program morally lapsed, or the program does not go on modern devices / firmware, etc.

The reasons can be many, but the result is one - the program has become irrelevant. It would be wrong to remove it from the forum, because someone might be interested in "just this program, because there is a unique feature ...", someone is still sitting on the old firmware for a number of reasons, etc.

There are also programs on the forum where there seems to be some functionality, and the program may even be free, and even in the app is still there, but for two years there has been no discussion in this thread, ie . The theme is dead.

Therefore, this section was created: the programs here are searched for by the forum, you can continue to continue the discussion, the only condition - the creation of new topics is prohibited. This feature is only available to users from the resource moderator and higher.

If you think that a program has become relevant again (the developer has returned and adapted it, etc.) - click on the "Complaint" button in the program topic and describe briefly why you think that the program deserves to return to the main section . Your appeal will be considered and, if there are really reasonable justifications, the topic will be returned to the forum.

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