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>On the prohibition of the publication of referral links, coupons and codewords

06.04.2012, 20:09

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Dear users!
forum rulesIt said:
4.25. Publication referral materials (links, coupons and code words) in any form is prohibited and is equated with commercial activities.

Clarifies the nuances:
- publicationreferrallinks, referral coupons or referral code words on w3bsit3-dns.com equates to business as distributor brings money, bonuses or discounts on future purchases;
- Publication in the communications links to their reviews, channels, etc., placed on other sites that contain referral links, coupons and code words, advertising online stores and other commercial resources are also prohibited and is considered a commercial activity..
The decision as to whether the reference / voucher / referral code word or conventional, takes moderator.
Give the offender is not required to prove the Administration.
Distributors referrals shall be punished without warning. Explanations like: "I just wanted to help users" are not accepted.

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