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Ticket to Ride, [iPhone] [iPad] desktop strategy.

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Ticket to Ride
Version: 2.4.1
Last update of the game in the header:11.01.2017

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Short description:
Desktop strategy.

Ticket to Ride is even difficult to classify within the usual framework of applications. Strategy? Yes, but not really. An economic model? Yes, but not only. The best games do not fit into the usual canons. Already tens of millions (!!) users of the empire of Steve Jobs tried to become generals from the railways. And you on the shoulder - to try on the epaulettes of the winner!

The aim of the game is to make an optimal route for the train, with the maximum possible performance of additional missions, by arriving at the most remote corners - but not at the expense of the main goal! Available real maps of the US, Canada and Europe railways! The sky-high curves of the Rocky Mountains, the long Swiss tunnels, the meadows of German and French meadows - everything is beautifully and reliably drawn. Ticket to Ride is an excellent interactive and step-by-step tutorial, in a single game your iPad can simultaneously compete for 4 contenders, pop-up network tips, high-quality sound ...

Attention! To crack the program and activate new maps throughIAP Cracker + iAPFree, Put version 1.1 (link in the cap under the spoiler), then activate all purchased cards, and only then upgrade to 1.3.3 (via iTunes or install the ipa file from this topic). IAP Cracker and iAP Free are not discussed here!

Rules of the game in Russian
Hacking for purchases for iOS9 / 10 without jail

Languages:English, German, French
Developer:Days of Wonder
Compatibility:requirediOS 6.0or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Homepage: Https://www.daysofwonder.com/online/en/t2r/
iTunes Store: Https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/ticket-to-ride/id432504470

Version 2.4.1
Hacking add-ons for version 2.4.0
What's new in version 2.4.1
Works again on iOS 7.0 and newer.
What's new in version 2.3.1
- Bug fixes and some improvements

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ShB @ 14.09.2011, 23:35*
Does not open me. ((

Downloaded from which repo - repo.insanelyi.com? I took it from there - everything was unblocked.

Yes, there is a jail.

Now, let's figure out what and how, so that not only will I work and tell :)

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We go to Sidia, add a repository: edit - add - enter idvaneo.org/repo
There we find the program dlc unlocker
With the help of it, unlock anything (additional money in games, maps, weapons and everything you can buy for money)

I sat down on the game, I play online, hooked. By the way, online is always full of people. With my wife in the evenings I like to play together on the same Ipad

Working link to download:Http://fileape.com/index.php?act=download&...f7ceanPAAMoYq0L

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Does not find such a repository.

Downloaded from the forum, put through Cydia

Rep: (852)
Sorry, I made a mistake in one letter. Correctly so:


Rep: (84)
Yes, thanks, it worked, the cards were unlocked.

Rep: (852)
New maps are posted, but ... with slightly different rules. If you are interested, I will lay out the rules for new maps.

Rep: (416)
Dyuss @ 09/15/2011, 01:51*
If interested - lay out the rules

Of course, he sat down on it online, after that it's not interesting to play with the computer :)

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New maps are only Europe and Switzerland, I understand correctly?

Rep: (852)
Yes, and another addition for the American map (1910)

Rules of the game Ticket to Ride: Europe

"Ticket to Ride Europe" is one of the most popular board games around the world. From the first Ticket to Ride from the series, this differs map (respectively map of Europe) and several innovations that should diversify the game process and make the game even more interesting. Let's see what happened to the developers. All the famous and fervently loved Russian Railways are cutting loot, unfortunately (and maybe fortunately), in this game we just earn points. Accordingly, the one who received the largest number of them is the winner (no, well, it's almost like having money for tickets). This is mainly achieved by the construction of a railway connecting several cities (do not rush to run after a shovel and pickax) - the construction of the road is expressed only in the reset of the required number of required maps and putting on your game card the carriages of your color, again in the right amount, They are quite a lot - as many as 45. And in this game you can ... yes by and large this is all, the rest is just the subtleties of creating a route. But, if not for these subtleties, the game would quickly get bored. It is to ensure that players do not look like grandmothers from the subway, following escalators, the developers threw coal into the furnace. In the game there are quests - tasks with 2 cities, which should be combined (this thing was in the original Ticket to Ride). Tasks give additional points for the difficulty / length of the route. And here is the highlight of the game. No, we do not hang out with the conductors during the whole long route ... It is here that innovations come into play, which were not in the original game. Tunnels are an interesting idea with good implementation. The bottom line is that you do not know how long the tunnel will be (in this issue, most likely, the creators of the game consulted our experts in the construction of tunnels). In this regard, each new tunnel construction is risky to spend its course in an empty. Tunnels are different - both small (for two cars), and long enough (up to 8 cars). Another innovation - Railway stations. You can put them in any city where the station does not yet exist. Each subsequent costs more cards of cars, and the remaining unused - will give additional points at the end of the game. The essence of the stations is that, having at least one approach from their cars to it, you can take another route segment (hike through, in general). So, the game just got better. As in the usual Ticket to Ride points are considered easy and identifying the winner does not cause much trouble. I would like to note that the game is more fully revealed when playing 4 or better than 5 players, since the possibility of using parallel routes is added. Being not only a game where you have to be good at analyzing, but also a good tool for communication (like all board games of course) Ticket to Ride: Europe allows you to spend an evening not only fun, but also with the use of the brain.

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The 3rd link does not work

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Just checked - it works: rolleyes:
Try again

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Who has an online rating?

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Games 12
Score 1053
Rank 3553

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Can we play together online? Do we agree on the time and play a partake?

Rep: (416)
Dyuss @ 09.20.2011, 23:15*
Can we play together online? Agree on the time and play a parteyku

So, maybe the championship muddle small? Not necessarily the same 15 people to recruit, just in the subject of the championship to record and discuss more conveniently. And so, I'm for.

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With the return)))) we must first finish the tattoo, only you and wait)))

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Come on, it's more interesting to play with your friends :) so maybe tonight at 23:00?

Rep: (84)
No, I'm in the evening at the race. I'll be back no sooner than an hour.

Rep: (852)
So another time;) write time, play.

Rep: (416)
ShB @ 09.21.2011, 11:39*
We must first finish the taffy, only you and wait

Yes, that's just returned, foreign wyfe told me: a forum with grief in half monitored, but champions did not dare.

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