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>Samsung GT-i8000 OMNIA 2 - Discussion| | | Heir of Witu
Identify percentage of defective devices Omnia 2
I communicator:
White (PCT), have no defects [ 1381 ] **[49,57%]
White (PCT), the defect is present [ 516 ] **[18,52%]
Grey, have no defects [ 564 ] **[20,24%]
Gray, a defect is present [ 165 ] **[5,92%]
Pristustvuet next defect (you can choose several options):
My device has no defects [ 1685 ] **[60,48%]
Screen glued unevenly, sticks out one of the corners [ 118 ] **[4,24%]
creaks when you press the touch screen, it emits other sounds [ 139 ] **[4,99%]
creaks device housing [ 207 ] **[7,43%]
falls off vayfay [ 143 ] **[5,13%]
falls off fuel and / or the unit can not find the network [ 121 ] **[4,34%]
falls off GPS (Warning! Make sure that the correct settings are exhibited, you have current version of the radio module, firmware, and the actual working version of the navigation software!) [ 90 ] **[3,23%]
during a telephone conversation in the dynamics of present noises, creaking, crackling (Caution: Do not confuse the quality of mobile operator services defective device!) [ 46 ] **[1,65%]
loose, rattling the panel buttons below the screen (Konopka reception and reject the call center "Cube" button) [ 63 ] **[2,26%]
the leakage battery (described in the subject, there has been a prodobnoe under what conditions) [ 83 ] **[2,98%]
under the touchscreen gets dust (not a film on the screen, and a touch screen!) [ 423 ] **[15,18%]
the gap between the casing and screen [ 108 ] **[3,88%]
Total Votes:
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos SM-G900FD


Talk communicatorSamsung GT-I8000
Omnia II / Witu Amoled
Description | Discussion l FAQ l Purchase | accessories l Firmware l FAQ on flashing Samsung i8000 | Adaptation of OEM software and decorations for Samsung i8000
Community owners of Samsung devices l Collect catalog of games on the Samsung GT-i8000 OMNIA 2 l Samsung GT-I8000 - Marriage l GPS | Organization of the desktop (WVGA) diagonal 3.7 " | Discussion of high energy consumption, in particular after the transition to winter time | Samsung OEM software in Kabah | Samsung i8000 - Android OS | Community owners Samsung i8000 WiTu Amoled

If this is your first communicator:
FAQ for Windows Mobile | registry tweaks | The terms and jargon online l SEARCH PROGRAM | software catalog l Ambulance for beginners! l List all of your software in the PDA. Census .. My animal - my assistant (share experiences) (who uses any software).

Before you ask a question, lookour FAQ. Respect your and other people's time.

Before you respond to a survey of the defect with the gsm / gps / wifi, I ask youattentivelyto explore and try out all the ways to resolve the problem. In order to wrong settings software (as in the case of GPS, WIFI) do not affect the statisticshardvarnogo ( "iron") machine defects.
The experience of putting the "gray" machine with the dust under the screen in SC. another review.

Reviews, comparisons, tests:

It is important to know:
*#06#- Displays IMEI
*#0*#- Start screen test tool (touch, dead pixels) camera front, 5MP camera, flash, compass, speaker, light sensor, accelerometer (G-Sensor)
*#1234# - View the firmware version

These service codes only work in Samsungovskoy or vindovyh dialer. In inesofte call vindousovskuyu dialer long tap on a star, and already there are typing service codes.

Q: Where do the PCT on the unit is a label?
A: On the rear panel. Under the battery. Tags PCT and CCC.

Messenger writes calls 2-way (from the line).

Solving the problem with the auto-close applications when memory is low. (Lowering the threshold beginning of the automatic closing applications that are in the background.)
User-manual in Russian version fresher
Learn how to properly disassemble the insides samsung i8000 l Subject to the disassembly MoDaKo
the opportunity to exhibit pre-configured settings from a reputable infakvv515kvv
Secret keys
more secrets
If the firmware does not work with a network program, and you can not connect to the internetorOption ofmata_nui
If your device does not see the internal memory (flash 02/08/16 GB)oroption 2orOption 3 (first sample)
If your phone crashes
After purchasing the gray phonenecessarilyread
Service manual

General information, useful information:

Useful tweaks, the program:
Solving the problem with the auto-close applications when memory is low. (Lowering the threshold beginning of the automatic closing applications that are in the background.)
Fix bug with video troll
If you reset the backlight timer (VinMobayl happens on any device)
Library for compatibility with some applications that use the accelerometer
Library compatibility OpenGL ES 1.0 for i8000
Rotate Screen SetuporAuto-Rotate Config
Tweaks ringtones and other sounds
Tweek renaming card (Storage - Phone Memory, Storage card - Memory Card)
Kab, which renames the "Phone Memory" and "Memory Card" in the English names.
Save photos and videos from the camera to the memory card after you rename the "Memory Card" to "Storage" (in fact - is another option to rename)
Stretch the video to fill the screen in Samsungovskom TachPleere
How to activate the front camera.
Improving video camera work (it is possible to set the ISO 50-100-200-400 AUTO when shooting video)
General information about camera settings (miniFAK on using PDA camera)
How to make high-quality images (or How to use autofocus; How to activate auto-focus)
The camera takes bad pictures Board 2
Those who have problems with macro photo in the dark and the flash brightness (illumination photos)
Remove the sound after sending SMS using fixationortheir handles through the registry
Cub removes sound when activating and deactivating KMC
Remove the camera sound when recording video
Remove the excess of ROM memory
Disabling the phone's screen without interrupting music playback, audio recording (voice recorder), GPS works, etc.oroption 2orOption 3
Disabling automatic translation time option 2
How to disable screen rotation (g-sensor)?orOption 2: Disable the service that is responsible for the automatic rotation
Disabling periodic restart ActiveSync
How to make the animal run faster and eat less battery?
We hang WM contacts soft key instead samsungovskihoroption 2orOption 3
Migrating an installation program from the device to the memory card or in the phone's memory
Is it possible to create shortcuts to shut down and restart the CCP?
How to regulate the force pressing on the screen in WM 6.5?
How to reduce the size of the context menu? step 2
Return occupied by the RAM
The label, calling the work setting the USB connection mode
Turning off the video calls and thus frees up memory
Kab to improve the sensitivity of the screen
Do not write a line of voice recorders - disable the proximity sensor
How to return Windows shortcut Mobile'a parameters start?
After answering the call vibration is still approximately 2 seconds. How to treat? An important addition for key RingTone0
What should I do if the phone hangs when closing the application?
Return the item Enter personal settings
How to improve the sound of the microphone
How to beat the GPRS / 3G connection break during the conversation?
How to remove the pop-up messages?
What should I do if the screen calibration takes "hours"?
How to remove stuttering when blocking players?
Missing shortcuts on the Start menu

Useful scripts:


FAQone file, Thank Honorablevitas-1806

Dear users.
Be mutually polite! speak"Thank you"increasing reputation( + ). If you have less than 15 posts, then click on the "Complaint" and let us know who you helped.

Topics Curator -wapfy.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300


Can slightly raise the mood: SRS WOW HD works fine on omnium-2. Glitches are missing (infa from the MoDaCo website)

Raise the mood even more! :)
When the phone is switched off, the gps works :) I tell you how ....
Take the phone (with the phone included) turn on the gps ... find the satellites ... turn off the phone block ...
And about a miracle! Gps continues to work as it never happened :)

In the case of the radio is almost the same but after turning off the phone the radio plays a couple of seconds and there is a warning that you say
In airplane mode and the radio will be turned off ... that is all implemented at the program level.
By the way in the case of radio, you can turn off the phone and turn on Wi-Fi or bluetooth ... and it still works ... though I'm not sure about the power consumption when the bluetooth or wifa is on.
He rose in the cap.
Spoiler -Preparation FAQ
Thank you.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F


This utility allows not only to set the correct boundaries of the "sensitive" area of ​​the screen, but also to set the sensitivity limit of this zone - if you strongly press on the appearing crosses, then in the future only strong pressure on the matrix will be perceived.

- whence such information, about the fact that when adjusting the display, the degree of deformation of the screen is remembered?
As far as I know, at the same time there is a combination of the coordinates of the LCD display itself and the surface of the "touchscreen"

By the way, it will be useful for everyone to know that clicking on these crosses is very accurate and very accurate!
For example, with a stylus or in the last case a toothpick and certainly not with a finger or nail.
It was tested for a long time already on my S8000 and then use the phone, with normal adjustment, it's more pleasant on the order!
28.09.09, 11:35

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HTC 10


Something samsung a bunch of cunning system utilities left in the firmware.
Some of them sound very threatening, like IMEIFormat.exe, moviformat.exe. So you can breeze the device with a careless start :)

I do not remember to mention such a utility as PreCfg.exe
If you run it like this: PreCfg.exe -START
You can program the operator settings for the selected country. If you insert a SIM card from one of the operators in the country, the device automatically configures MMS and Internet settings (GPRS / HSDPA). The installation made in PreCfg.exe is coiled and after the hardcore and even after flashing (!)
Apparently, somewhere in the additional area of ​​ROM (unattended firmware), the country code is entered. The same settings for the hardrace are taken from the file ImeiXXXX.pfg from the current firmware. Where XXXX is the name of the country.
I hasten to immediately reassure, this is not a lock on the country like HTC. It's just pre-settings for the selected country. To the owners of the i8000 lock on the country (CID), this device does not exist at all. You can sew any firmware.
In ImeiXXXX.pfg there are some settings, such as ringtones and notifications, system volume and ring volume. Perhaps there is also a parameter responsible for 3 seconds of initial call mute. Since there everything is encoded with ordinal values ​​- I did not understand for a long time. I think it's more interesting for those who are going to do the firmware themselves, because after XP .pfg is no longer used.

There is also Admin.exe utility. Run as well Admin.exe -START
But passwords are required everywhere. I have not dug them yet, because the utility itself looks dangerous. As long as you do not know the password - do not spoil;)

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HTC 10 / 64GB: S-OFF, XPosed, Magisk
iPad 3, iPad Mini 3: IOS 8.1.2 JB,Cube iWork7 2/32: Win10 / Android-4.4.4
2xPSVita Slim: V3.36 (ARK2, TNV), v3.60 (Henkaku),PSP Go: CFW 6.20 LME-2.3 Permanent.
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Something samsung a bunch of cunning system utilities left in the firmware.

Apparently, these utilities are used by the memory cleaning module devaysa:
IMEIFormat- clears (formats) the internal "disk" (flash memory 8/16 Gig)
MoviFormat- clears (formats) the memory of the phone in which the user's programs are installed
These utilities begin their workImmediately, without request }-)
Ie, roughly speaking, when in the settings you choose one of the options for "resetting" the memory, then after the request one of the above utilities is started.

It should be noted - there is information that the memory cleared by these utilities can be restored (in the sense - to restore the data that was in this memory) by utility-rekoverami if you connect the device to the computer in the form of external media. : Scratch_one-s_head:
29.09.09, 10:35
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Angel_666 @ 29.9.09, 11:18*
There is hardware support FROM 1.1 to 2.0 Version 1.0 will at best be programmed to be emulated through 2.0, and this is a wild brake ...

Um ... It's not quite like that.
1.0 and 1.1 are, in essence, the same thing. And - the support of both of us is equally emulated.
Normal emulation 1.x through 2.0 is not wild brakes, but a large amount of work. Fortunately, there are people who are doing it right now. Samsung, in turn, implemented support for 1.x through, literally, two shaders, one for vertices, another for pixels. That is, regardless of the complexity of the scene, texturing and other things, two giant, huge shaders are used. If we replace them in simpler cases with simpler ones, we obtain a substantial acceleration.
01.10.09, 22:13
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By the way, if someone needs a file for compatibility with applications that use G-Sensor on HTC devices, then he attache. ;)

Attached files

Attached fileHTCSensorSDK.zip ( 2,75 )

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Apple iPhone 4S


Already wroteIt would be necessary to throw in a hat-

Tweaks ringtones and other sounds:
1. Dial * # 0002 * 28346 #
2. Audio Gain screen will pop up
3. Click on Music Speaker
4. Click Gain
5. Under output volume change the following values
L1VL2 - 110 ---> HPG7 - 1110 ---> L3L7 - 10 ---> OVL7 - 00,001,001 ---> OVR7 - 00010010
6. Click Apply
7. A small screen will pop up, click ok on it

All earned good luck!

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I'm old, I'm very old, I'msuperstar!
Asus 1201N Nikon D90 ipad264wi-fi
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05.10.09, 17:36

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Stumbled upon here such a thing. Perhaps in the future it will come in handy.Development of drivers for processors Samsug and SnapDragon

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Here where that wrote, that SRS WOW perfectly works, and how it works, and where settings in our body on SRS?

Work in Touch Player. Try playing the icon of the settings during playback, and select the second icon from the appeared icons on the left.

Vital54 @ 8.10.09, 10:01*
New devices come out with WM6.5, and what will be with Omnia-2 on 6.0?

The update will occur ... Drum roll! Through Samsung New PC Studio (this program, by the way, was updated literally on October 5)!
topicfor example.

Posted on 08.10.2009, 09:34:

NEJRO @ 8.10.09, 10:31*
How can I change the background on the lock screen?

In the "standard" settings, select the checkbox Use ths picture as the background. "
By the way, in order to get into the standard WM6.5 settings, not the Samsung settings, you need to set the value 'HideSettings' to '0' in the registry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Security \ Shell \ StartInfo \ and make a soft reset.
23.10.09, 06:00

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Someone asked about the headset button that would engage in player, the program allows you to manage a variety of players using the answer button on the headset.

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Yes to tstati, if anyone needs it, I've transferred the whole FAQ word-of-mouth into a Word file
With the advent of a new one, I will add.

Attached files

Attached fileFAQ_Samsung_GT_I8000.doc ( 464 )

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25.10.09, 12:00
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I updated my GL-driver to version 0.203. Attach.
Now it supports the gameTower Defense v1.1. :)

Attached files

Attached fileLibgles_cm.zip ( 79,57 )

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Standard


30.10.09, 02:10

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Sparta, Do you have a device to declare so categorically about it? Glitches? What kind? I put it from the first days of J6, and nothing bugs me. What is characteristic, Wi-Fi also does not fall off, I use constantly (inesoft it is not necessary).

I like the shell very much in the device, it's very convenient for me to use the Samsung call, Samsung contacts, Samsung player (yes, it is); There is no desire to demolish everything and put your own, there is no desire to use SPBshell and I absolutely do not need HTSTShnaya manila, I do not see the defectiveness of the device in that it is not installed on it. Also very pleased with the new incarnation of the Samsung keyboard, now the stylus does not really need a sms, I now carry it along with the keys, out of habit, since the time of the I900, but most likely in the near future it will be lying on the shelves.

Entering the service functions through a phone call, this is certainly a serious shoal of the engineers of the Samsung, in no case is it worth buying a phone so memorized in no way. : D

I do not quite understand the situation with the number of colors on the device. Now there are about 500 shots dangling on the flash drive, there are also girls, and there is also a macrophoto - everything is just fine, it flips, rolls over, scales, colors so juicy that I really have nothing to compare with. Very satisfied with both the quality of viewing photos, and the very implementation of viewing. And the ladder appears, most likely, because of the heavily clamped jeep.

Today I had the opportunity to twist in my hands Nokia 5800. The screen there is definitely worse in color, despite millions of colors.

Also today on the trunk came across such a passage "About the display at least amold and differs good brightness is not unlike usual tft but it has a small minus is the graininess of the screen, and this will prove itself when viewing small text on Internet pages."(Post from 19.10.2009) Again I do not know, and I'm engaged in surfing, and I read books on it - I do not see this granularity, although the theorists know better.

There is an opinion that the device is oh ***.
There is an opinion that the new Windows and a new platform + non-official firmware = those or other incompatibilities of the software, which pour out in the given glitches in this top. Yes, and if it's fair, then a few listed in the top of the problems NIKAK can not talk about "It looks like the i8000 is a very buggy device."
There is an opinion that new firmware and new versions of programs will correct all this in the near and foreseeable future.
There is an opinion that this will always be the case with the release of a new device on the market, this is a normal process, the BB is the same (see the transition to Win 7, there now everything is also not so joyous and bezglyuchno).
There is an opinion that it's not worth taking HD2 until Samsun's widgets work there. : D

To understand the device, the convenience of the shell, at least it's worth keeping this device in your hands, it's not easy to do it by posts and videos.

The only drawback for me is the lack of joey. Accustomed to Trinity and I900.
30.10.09, 08:20

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Xiaomi Mi 4 WCDMA


In fact, there is still not enough statistics on the glitches of the device, I also have Wi-Fi does not fall off and nothing hangs, and falls off 2 people from the very beginning of the topic and on different firmware :-)
For me the pros:
1. Economical screen and high resolution, amolead like not at the expense of brightness and juiciness, but due to the fact that eating a little - this is a plus, although you must certainly translate some of the programs into a dark color scheme.
2. Speed, after the HTC Touch Pro the device decently faster
3. 3.5mm audio jack + SRS WOW technology for music and touch video player for watching video is much more convenient CorePlayer.
4. Widgets, IMHO is more convenient than monstrodalnaya manila, although for now there are not enough of them, there is not enough compact weather and widget of current indicators of free memory, battery, tasks.
5. Optimal dimensions, especially when compared with Acer F1 and XTC XD2.
6. Fast speed of work with internal memory as an external storage, in comparison with ХТЦ Diamond and Touch Pro.
7. Having a bright flashlight :-)
Minuses are not critical, but there are:
1. I'd like to have more RAM, although I still have enough
2. The stylus does not fit into the case, it's very accustomed to HTC Diamond's magnetic stylus, while just stitching the stylus to the complete bag.
3. No light indicators on events, rescues the reminder ReRemind.
4. I would like to have the ability to quickly turn off / turn on the backlight, you should try to get messed with the mortskriptom.
5. Gradient in the pictures due to the limitation of 65k colors, but this is a niggling, he was always there and will be on the car.

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Apple iPhone 4S


First about the sending of SMS - in SKTULS there is such a setting, by default it is "no" (default in SKTULS) - "to notify each time SMS is delivered" - that's what is called, this is it.
Who would have won the quiet first call ?? I tried in the registry vsko-different, does not help, or as it is, or even stops ...

Widgets are not enough, yes. The weather is - only bad, which is automatically updated no more than once every 6 hours (!!!), and the size is tolerable.
Spbshell - you must still obmozgovat ... there, too, not everything is smooth ...

Memory is not enough, but! Its enough, in general. Just got used to kaim that figures, and so I look at it sometimes, but in the fudzhik I did not look already, figs - 128 meters, 91 free as a rule ... here below 40 with a tail does not fall, it can be up to 56-60 reaches, after CP can be of the order of 90, but not for long))

The memory widget is also not enough for me, I'm used to it) the battery is not really needed, the place on the map or the internal story is not necessary, there is enough space.

The output current at the output of the native charging network, from which it is perfectly charged - 0,7 A.

The opening of the antenna, no matter what anyone says, it is completely deceptive - the instruction is about him and shows it! I carefully examined it until I realized that there is another, correct) the truth is not really and it is necessary ... it's not easy to hang it, by the way, in the extreme case, wait, and then either turn it off or turn it on by turning off the key. The lid then it is a pity to pull once again.

All for the FS N560 and Omnia2.14.04.2010
30.10.09, 22:38

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Secret keys (at the request of workers):

1): *2767*3855#
2) Selection of OPPOS: * # 638738 # (same as in Admin)
3) PDA / Phone version numbers: * # 1234 # (Runs \ Windows \ KSReset.exe #Version)
4) Selection of GSM operating frequencies: * # 2263 # (Starts \ Windows \ bandsel.exe -band) (GSM test)
5) The status of the network, OPPS, SIMK or Company: * # 7465625 # (Starts \ Windows \ Personalize.exe% LOCK_STATUS_INFO)
6) Detailed GSM status: * # 0011 # - (Starts \ Windows \ TestMode.exe)
7) Audio Settings: * # 0002 * 28346 #
1) LCD colors, download melody, vibration, screen brightness, The chamber, dop. Camera (front), touchscreen, light sensor, sleep mode, compass, accelerometer, proximity sensor, receive melody (??): * # 0 * # (Starts \ Windows \ LCDTest.exe)
2) Antenna signal power, network mode, temperature, battery, voltage: * # 0228 # (GSM test) (Antenna ADC test)
3) UART / USB settings: * # 9090 # (GSM test)
4) Integrity settings: * # 2580 # (GSM test)
5) Bluetooth RF test: * # 232337 # - (Runs \ Windows \ bthrftest.exe)
6) Audio tests: * # 0673 # - (Runs \ Windows \ PlaySound.exe)
* # 1546792 * # - (Launches \ Windows \ AdminSettings.exe)
1) Version - version numbers of PDA and software (does not work)
2) Preconfiguration (password * # 81230 * #): Settings of the OPPS. After the changes, XP will come. There will be no zippers on the OPPSS.
3) Network settings:
> 1. HZ WHAT: (??)
> 2. Service domain: (Both [default], CS or PS)
> 3. Let's work on the Network: (Auto [default], GSM or WCDMA)
> 4. The order of network selection (Auto [default], first GSM, first WCDMA or No change) From which Network to start the search, if "Network mode" is selected "Auto".
4) HZ WHAT (??)
5) HZ WHAT (??)
1) Debugger root menu: * # 197328640 #
2) UA Profile: * # 92782 # - (Starts \ Windows \ uamgr.exe)
3) Encryption: * # 32489 # - (GSM test)
4) Hours and alarm clocks: * # 0782 # - (Starts \ Windows \ RTCViewer.exe)
5) SLOG dump: * # 745 #

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If you use the native alarm clock Clok-settings (not to be confused with the clok that launches the Samsung clock-alarm clock with 4 debugging)
Then there is an opportunity to install only 3 alarm clocks ... can anyone know how to add more alarm clocks ...
As a thread through the registry can be made ... in the registry there are three keys for three alarms ... tried to add there another key, but after rebooting it did not appear on the screen ... see where else it is necessary to correct ...
any ideas?

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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300


Wrote a mort-script for the green button, which does the following ...
1. click on an incoming call - answer the call
2. pressing when an incoming call, when gps - the answer to the call and automatically collapsing the phone window and displaying the gps-a window
3. pressing for a call - calls up the phone window (after connection, you can turn off the screen)
3. pressing for a call when the player is on - emulates playing / pausing (I use this function when skiing or cycling with a wire rack)
4. pressing for a call when the radio is on - emulates playing / pausing (I use this function when skiing or bicycling with a wire rack)
5. Tracking whether the gps is switched on ... if yes, after the connection is automatically displayed on the screen
6 double-tap (long for wirekeeping) says the time. (Also for skis and dovogo sports when it is problematic to get the watch)

On a double tap (long for a wired one) instead of a clock you can hook that thread another - type forward backwards for the player or that thread yet ...

If anyone needs scripts can upload.

To use scripts, you need to install the mortscript program. She's on the site ....
And still need to understand that the scripts are written specifically for my phone for my programs ... so they should be treated not as a ready-made solution but as an idea and can be a sample in some cases

I also need a program for assigning a green button in order to attach a script to it ... I used aebuttonplus also on the site

Player in my case - GSPlayer ... radio ordinary built-in vertical mode (portrait orientation)
In my case, the scripts should be in the Windows folder (so I wrote ... but this is not necessarily when the person himself writes the script)
The main script for the reassignment of a button, which is screwed using an a beutton is called
Greenbutton.mscr, but for its work it is necessary in the same folder (windows) to crawl two more scripts greenbutton1 and greenbutton2, which are called from the first main script.

I can not upload files ... they say that I do not have the right to upload such files ...
Andreee, I can send you a mail, and you already have them posted.

Everything you need in the archive -Attached fileScrips_thank_s_kvv515kvv.rar ( 358,51 )
, A link to GSPlayer -GSPlayer - playerNeed to choose for our screen resolution

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After the teaser: the new version of the driver libGLES_CM, 0.250, code-named "faster, smaller, better" is ready. Namely:
  • The textures in QTC format are decompressed faster, so Xtrakt is loaded a little faster, and the TouchFLO lags have decreased (although, of course, a little remains).
  • The memory eats less, so users of the Acer M900 will also be able to play in Xtrakt.
  • Allows you to launch the original TouchFLO 3D 1.3 (or maybe later, did not check).

However, for TF3D I recommend to usePackage from Chainfire, With repacked textures: they have higher quality, the package itself is much smaller and works much faster.

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Attached fileLibgles_cm.zip ( 80,16 )

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