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>E-Ten Glofiish X500 / M700 - WM6.5 Flashing| | | Description, creation, experience of use ...
21.03.09, 19:58

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WM 6.5 is in the testing phase!
Here only for the E-Ten Glofiish X500 / M700

Discussions 700 500
FAQ 700 500
Description 700 500
flashing Identical for both devices //

Below are links to firmware versions based on WM6.5(BETA)

firmware From Rugal.
Firmwares for X500Download links and description:
Firmwares for M700Download links and description:
Change of view 6.5, plugins and beautifulness here
How to flash from a memory card and via USB cable:
Installing the firmware from the memory card
a. Take a minimum of 128MB memory card and format it in FAT (just FAT)
b. Threw off her temp.bin file and insert the card into the PDA
at. Connect the charge cable to the PDA or from a computer (not necessarily on a full charge)
D. Pressing the buttons simultaneously DICTOPHONE + RESET + SWITCH attached the movie, though the quality is not very ...Http://w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/dl/post/324381/27102009005.mp4

d. Releasing both RESET and OFF and Keep the unit until the black screen with the words. How will hold.
e. We are waiting for OS firmware
g. Waiting for firmware EDGE (applies to official firmware and firmware update which contained a radio)
Well. After successful firmware PDA writes that the cable is not connected (non-Russian)
h. We take out the cable, click "Enable" and neotpuskaya stifle reset. Now release the keys simultaneously.
and. Plant, PDA think long and in the end everything is OK. (Thinks for a long time, wait)
a. Make a hard reset a couple of times. (Hold the RESET + OFF simultaneously let go. Now we press the button to hang up is not a question of will ... Answer YES by long pressing on it).

How to get temp.dat or temp.bin
It's just a file name with an extension, you can quite happily rename temp.dat in temp.bin and back.

How to sew via USB cable
In most archives with firmware there are * .bat file "Flash_A.bat" and "Flash_Assembly.Bat".

2. For the first case of "Flash_A.bat" You need to extract the firmware and all the files from the archive to a separate folder to rename the firmware file to temp.dat, if it is not. Connect the PDA to the computer, make sure Active Sync detects the PDA. Then click "Flash_A.bat", answer all requests with the OK button and wait for the flashing to finish. When finished, disconnect the cable from the PDA and press Reset + Power. PDA will start to boot. (For hardness of fidelity we make a hard reset several times)

3. For the second "Flash_Assembly.bat" You need to extract the firmware and all files from the archive to a separate folder, rename the firmware file to temp.bin (if necessary). Enter the PCB in the boot (Press the buttons DICTOPHONE + RESET + DISABLE simultaneously.) Release both the RESET and OFF and hold the DICTOPHONE until the black screen with the inscriptions appears. Run "Flash_Assembly.bat" (this will kill the ActiveSync process on the computer, if not killed - kill manually wcescomm.exe and rapimgr.exe), the flash driver will see the pcb, select the firmware file temp.bin, and wait for the flashing to finish. When finished, disconnect the cable from the PDA and press Reset + Power. The PDA will start to load (For hardness of fidelity we make a hard reset a couple of times, in general it should be done after each firmware so that it settles down as best as possible).

Another fact how to flash
The patch is off against off at 40%.

Battery calibration is accurate, instruction:
1. Discharge the battery to 0% (until it turns off), running the video, or in other ways.
2. We take out the battery from the PDA, wait about a minute, put it back in (DO NOT turn on the device !!).
4. We put on charging. I repeat, we do NOT turn on the machine! (Network power 220V).
5. We leave to charge up to full level (the red indicator changes to green, usually it's 3 hours in time).
6. After charging, remove the battery, NOT include the PDA and wait about a minute.
7. We paste back. Now you can turn it on!
P.S. Sometimes during this procedure, the indicator can be green initially when charging, still charge three hours, then turn on the device, charge until the indicator from red turns green, take out the battery, wait a minute, insert the battery into the PDA. Discharge the battery to 0% (until it turns off), running the video, or in other ways.

Once again, the firmware ONLY for the Eten Glofiish X500 and M700!
Comrades with other devices (X500 +, etc.) ask questions in other topics!

As for WM 6.1, look in the next topic:link
FirmwareSergeiIvanovichFrom the bins, for500
Firmware 6.5 fromAlba

Firmware 6.5 fromGiViS

Added just in case another folderRasnoeIn it flasher, recovery and several fixes

Do not forget about the rules of good taste!

5. The reward system.
5.1. If the forum member gave you good advice, which helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text "Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forumGratitude is taken to express by raising the reputationSpecific participant.
5.2. The reputation of other participants can be affected by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 useful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped youThrough the "Complaint" button.

The material presented by the author is unofficial,
In case of unsuccessful firmware or loss of the device
The author of the software and the administration of the resource of responsibility do not bear!
Everything is done at your own risk!

Use your search before asking.
There's nothing to spoil the forum!
Asking a question, I have to rule.
Before asking - read the cap!

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Glofiish (E-Ten) X500


Put 6.1 of the memory will be more on navigation, in mnu at 6.5 IGO8 took off on large maps!
27.07.12, 11:56
Road by walking ...

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*** viruS *** @ 10.04.2012, 19:57*
Why m700 after pouring proshi pretends x500 ???

Yes, it's just when picking up the firmware forgot to fix in the kitchen on the M700 Yes it's not particularly important. Kitchens were fixed from X500

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Fedor Sumkin
25.08.12, 20:58
a guest

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Hello, tell me what kind of "magic bytes"?
26.08.12, 20:10
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Fedor Sumkin @ 25.08.2012, 23:58*
"Magic bytes"

Magical - magic ... :)
In the firmware there is information - for what device it was created, so in the assembly with MB this information is not there, it's possible to pick up the ROM from another small beast, recompile for us, but by mistake you can drive the same custom firmware to another device - in short, So!
Which is connected with the MB: after ROM firmware is installed, it becomes possible to re-thread on ROM without MB, only "dancing with a tambourine" (several options).

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21.09.12, 16:14

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Good afternoon .... gave a brick! When connected to the charger, a red light in the right corner next to the home button lights up! When you press the power button, the light starts to flash, there are no more signs of life. Whether it is possible to make that or to throw out it !!!

in this topiconly WM 6.5 ...

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21.09.12, 17:52

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Djmollary @ 21.09.2012,17: 14*
Whether prompt it is possible that that that to make or throw out it!

I had a similar, cured as follows - the replacement of the battery (rather bobik zdok) and even a joke what is the contact on the battery is not straightened straight on the new battery tin soldered bulges - the problem has disappeared.
04.12.12, 13:38

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Date: 19.11.08


Hello, my dear friends. This topic was formed a long time and therefore some programs can not be found (are satisfied). Do not tell how to flash x500, I also want to try. And another question, no one knows how to turn off this blinking LEDs (green, blue) in general at all? This winking strongly irritates me.
18.03.13, 09:42

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Good afternoon, dear races!
In the bins there are firmware from Alba and GiViS! If you need I can fill in the file hosting: yes2:
Write preferably in QMS: thank_you:
MutantRom23009 + 921 +929Here I think it's understandable based on two builds
X500_WM65_21851_std- standard on build 21851
X500_WM65_23045_lite- Light on build 23045
X500_WM65_21855_SL- super light on the 21855 build
X500_23518_ULLast from Alba for X500
Threat all the firmware for x500, I can not say whether they will earn on the mwa m700
Reloaded everything on the dropbox
Firmware 6.5 fromAlba

Firmware 6.5 fromGiViS

Added just in case another folderRasnoeIn it flasher, recovery and several fixes

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19.03.13, 15:54

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t6652 @ 15.02.2012, 18:36 *
Not at home, with the Internet problems were, all the ducks flooded, in the archive list and descriptions, if that-in a personality of the description.zipPys.Sy. Firmware to collect no time yet, and there's no point in seeing it. Excuse me.

Archive broken (((
Some files are not extracted :(

In most archives with firmware there are * .bat file "Flash_A.bat" and "Flash_Assembly.Bat".

I downloaded several firmwares, none of these files.
Separately put in any way?
Or download all the firmware?
Attach, please, these files separately.

You have sufficient rights to edit and edit your own messages, - please add information to an existing one ...
Because he is so extreme.

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31.08.13, 09:32

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KMK at you what? M700? Or X500? : Bubble:

ArkM502->Root->Freeme OS v 5.3->CWM
26.02.14, 15:30

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WEB - Programmer
28.02.14, 12:28
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Lexxs7 @ 03/19/2013, 18:54*
* .bat files

Starting from the command lineEuus.exe- here is an executable file that does.
Do not bother, the file itself is not difficult to run - two clicks on it, then it's ...: yes2:

Only a fool needs in order - genius prevails over chaos. :D
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27.03.14, 01:44
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Health to all the Raccoons!: Russian_ru:
: Offtopic: Yes, I look. You do not miss here - well done! : D

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06.04.14, 12:02

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Hello. Did anyone have super light firmware? Zaleyti where the thread ...
Need firmware under the navigation, without any taxis, just a phone is normal, and a raccoon serves as a navigator

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15.11.15, 14:20

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Oh, forgive me for necropos, but what is the most adequate 6.5 for Raccoon m700?

SE K750i> Alcatel OT 4007D> HTC Explorer + E-Ten M700 + Nokia N900

14.12.15, 00:33

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I spent 4-5 years on stock, and everything seemed to be norms ...

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