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+Smart watch
Discussion of smart watches.
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245159858>> Today, 13:38
Subject:Pebble 2 - Discussion
Author: Mike9966
+Fitness bracelets
Discussion fitness bracelets
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8773609>> Today, 13:29
Subject:Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - Discussion
Author: Abe
+Programs for wearable electronics
Discussion programs for smart watches and other wearable electronics
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13539703>> Today, 13:29
Subject:[Android] Mi Fit
Author: Dobrji
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>wearable electronics
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^Ad:The rules of "wearable electronics"--308--
467dm_197342414Yesterday, 14:13
Afterbirth.: McHack
Moved:No.1 G6 [Other]
--IAndrocom--25.11.2016, 17:19
Afterbirth.: egota
2m16kevlar20718.11.2016, 15:45
Afterbirth.: iloat
0PSIHOZ_Z8217.11.2016, 23:55
Afterbirth.: PSIHOZ_Z
Moved:Samsung GEAR VR
Virtual reality helmet
--Alexander-r42--09.11.2016, 01:18
Afterbirth.: toskatm
@Sony Ericsson LiveView * 123 84
Wireless microdisplay that can be worn
1679Datos23957108.11.2016, 15:52
Afterbirth.: FoGR
--Sergey Spol--07.11.2016, 17:31
Afterbirth.: Bajamut
Moved:Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale
Smart scale
--givlax--01.11.2016, 13:58
Afterbirth.: lysak736540
8boscher1985238531.10.2016, 22:44
Afterbirth.: vaan937
@Smartwatch Gt 08
Smart watch
4valeriya22207131.10.2016, 08:57
Afterbirth.: ASerezga99
Moved:Xiaomi iHealth
Electronic tonometer
--Opel--27.10.2016, 14:40
Afterbirth.: ipodtouchmax
@Polar V650
Bike navigator, Android
3xunilvap202725.10.2016, 22:36
Afterbirth.: r4s
0noxters19513.10.2016, 02:55
Afterbirth.: noxters
2Lovetz70707.10.2016, 21:50
Afterbirth.: seregka434
@Zgpax s8
1AlexGlamiz41601.10.2016, 14:56
Afterbirth.: Rubaka
@Lumo lift - Discussion
electronic corrector posture + fitness tracker
0Exrector38104.09.2016, 06:49
Afterbirth.: Exrector
Moved:iHealth HS5
Smart scale
--klopi--22.08.2016, 12:34
Afterbirth.: EgorSlavin
@Google Glass * 12
Augmented Reality Glasses
30Russty736122.08.2016, 02:04
Afterbirth.: moriak
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