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+Operating systems and software
System and application software, discussion, problem solving
Windows OS, UNIX-based OS, Games
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309111321>> Today, 13:14
Subject:Windows 10
Author: Mr. Nobody
+Accessories and PC peripherals
Choice, discussion, problem solving
Computer multimedia devices
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Subject:Xiaomi Gamepad
Author: djsatan
+Computers - FAQ
Piggy knowledge
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26995>> 31.10.2016, 13:03
Subject:Instructions on the use of Mo ...

>My computer (desktop)
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important Topics
(!)The list of operating systems discussed here.
where and who to look for, complaints and suggestions regarding this section
8MissAlenka3062831.10.2016, 05:32
Afterbirth.: Mr. Nobody
1KOT-BE3DEXOD1311012.01.2016, 22:55
Afterbirth.: Shoore
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@What is the configuration of your computer? * 123 25
Statistics will collect w3bsit3-dns.com ...
495KOT-BE3DEXOD108743Yesterday, 16:48
Afterbirth.: GooTRrest
@How much can I sell my computer? * 123 24
For those who do not know how much you can sell the device
474KOT-BE3DEXOD43528Yesterday, 14:16
Afterbirth.: Madles
@"Laboratory" * 123 168
Kurilka IT people and sympathizers.
3341Shoore20178125.11.2016, 22:43
Afterbirth.: yurikfm
@PC Photo
our jobs
7Shoore144206.10.2016, 13:58
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@The computer as a home multimedia center * 123 9
We discuss home servers and everything connected with them
172kim kallstrom5300702.10.2016, 20:00
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