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^Ad:Terms of sections and information for releasers--4862--
[Strategy] online
4andriy666441524.11.2016, 16:27
Afterbirth.: _Andji_
228flips7919419.11.2016, 09:35
Afterbirth.: Notik2004
@[WP8] FarmVille 2: Country Escape
[Strategy, Simulator, Others] rural retreat
5GishValve443209.11.2016, 02:32
Afterbirth.: Nickolas2006
@[WP8.1] Plague Inc. * 12
[Strategy Simulator] for the destruction of humanity Benefit
21GishValve1370128.10.2016, 08:11
Afterbirth.: sivan22
36kirk9994121902.10.2016, 15:23
Afterbirth.: denis0506
@[WP8] Star Wars: Invasion
[Strategy Simulator]
14GishValve782001.10.2016, 16:23
Afterbirth.: serega_d
@Castle Clash
[Strategy] Battle Castles
9GishValve362921.08.2016, 15:33
Afterbirth.: Lexabush
@Arcane's Tower Defense * 12
[Tower Defense]
29paheist2077121.08.2016, 03:54
Afterbirth.: Alex_Smitt
@The Sims ™ 3 * 12
Sims 3 for your Pocket PC
30alex3798205.08.2016, 18:35
Afterbirth.: iurasika
@Survivalcraft * 123 17
Clone Minecraft
329EG.Gnom13528331.07.2016, 00:17
Afterbirth.: ryab_i4
@Dawn of Steel
[Strategy] strategy in real time, a new level
3GishValve197611.07.2016, 20:55
Afterbirth.: Rustam66637
@[WP8] Metro 2033 Wars
[Strategy Simulator]
5GishValve724203.07.2016, 17:27
Afterbirth.: Gorkomat
1World Gaming101126.06.2016, 13:36
Afterbirth.: Buline123
@[WP7 +] Braveland Pirate
[Strategy] The final part of the trilogy Braveland
1qexx170121.06.2016, 01:16
Afterbirth.: Jeckers
@[WP8] Royal Revolt 2
[Strategy] 2nd part excellent strategy
10zhenek97922416.06.2016, 00:14
Afterbirth.: TuristRomka
@Virus Plague
2PolinaMalina8897009.05.2016, 09:21
Afterbirth.: dimat94
@[WP8] Hitman GO
[Table, Puzzle, Strategy] Turn-based puzzle game with 47 agent
3qexx559502.04.2016, 19:47
Afterbirth.: manson11
@Phage wars
0GishValve78318.03.2016, 12:50
Afterbirth.: GishValve
3CH.U.SH452112.03.2016, 09:56
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@[WP8] Braveland
[Strategy] is a good strategy
7zhenek97860924.02.2016, 00:16
Afterbirth.: deepform
@World of dragons
[Strategy, Other] Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of dragons, which stretches
0World Gaming127723.02.2016, 22:07
Afterbirth.: World Gaming
@Jungle Heat
[Strategy] Cross-platform strategy
0GishValve136022.02.2016, 10:35
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@[WP8] Robotek
[Strategy Simulator]
1CH.U.SH421428.01.2016, 18:43
Afterbirth.: terbik90
1CH.U.SH540820.01.2016, 16:10
Afterbirth.: ixorek
@Bloons TD 5
[Strategy, Other] Monkey balls against a cartoon in TD
2GishValve214710.01.2016, 19:51
Afterbirth.: tsitadel
1GishValve331706.01.2016, 17:15
Afterbirth.: GishValve
3CH.U.SH558306.01.2016, 17:08
Afterbirth.: GishValve
[Strategy Simulator]
1GishValve153327.12.2015, 16:30
Afterbirth.: kurbanbah
@[WP8] Defense zone 2
[Strategy] [Tower Defense]
4kirk999688018.12.2015, 23:29
Afterbirth.: borisbog
@[WP8.1] Clash of Lords 2
[Strategy] Gather your forces and prepare for war in Clash of Lords 2
2Grem555624823.11.2015, 19:11
Afterbirth.: GishValve
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