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@Azedeem: End of Era
[Table, Strategy] Trading Card Game
7CaptainCatSparrow125802.10.2016, 18:09
Afterbirth.: CaptainCatSparrow
@Patchwork: The Game
[Table, Other]
0GishValve107812.03.2016, 09:50
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@Texas Holdem Poker
Online poker
11Armo30001250107.02.2016, 04:55
Afterbirth.: tsymbal87
@[WP8] Chess - Play & Learn (Chess - Play & Learn)
[Table] Chess with multiple functions from Chess.com
1oxideren631122.09.2015, 07:18
Afterbirth.: Barclay
11kirk9991005911.09.2015, 13:38
Afterbirth.: c4denn
[Arcade, Board, Others]
0icedie174529.07.2015, 10:10
Afterbirth.: icedie
[Table, Puzzle, Strategy, Other]
0hqqddy223522.05.2015, 10:59
Afterbirth.: hqqddy
0GishValve271402.05.2015, 10:55
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@SK Pocket Durak * 12
several options Fool
35S_K1700416.04.2015, 13:48
Afterbirth.: S_K
[Table] sea battle
1kirk999685215.04.2015, 19:37
Afterbirth.: Draglord
4chush620315.04.2015, 19:36
Afterbirth.: Draglord
@[WP8] Pokerist Texas Poker
[Table] multi-Free poker with a huge audience
1alexdumper583907.03.2015, 14:35
Afterbirth.: GGerik30
@Toilet People
[Table] 3D board game
2XaMMaX90783327.12.2014, 17:52
Afterbirth.: tuhtoim
3kirk999744825.12.2014, 09:43
Afterbirth.: ipixipix
[Table] Online-analogue of the famous game with roles, mafia and peaceful Mrs.
7bartwell593222.10.2014, 15:54
Afterbirth.: monk356
@[WP8.1] Leafminer (Minesweeper)
[Table] Warm Tube sapper.
0follow39430409.10.2014, 19:01
Afterbirth.: follow39
6Sunflex873622.09.2014, 17:59
Afterbirth.: MrEcho
@[WP8] Durak
[Table] The traditional card game
0Kotejko_O505319.09.2014, 15:24
Afterbirth.: Mike Farley
@[WP8] Trax
0Ledentsov463105.06.2014, 19:55
Afterbirth.: Ledentsov
@Dungeon Secrets
An exciting board game
10-BuPyC-1361803.06.2014, 02:29
Afterbirth.: hohoruck
@[WP8] Panic!
[Table, Other] Collective (quiz, words) as "Hat
0sco_416316.04.2014, 23:01
Afterbirth.: sco_
@[WP8] Slot Maniacs
[Table, Other] Treasure hunt has begun!
0dskrip453920.03.2014, 16:27
Afterbirth.: dskrip
@International Snooker
Baseball - a kind of billiards
3MonDee997104.01.2014, 11:15
Afterbirth.: gre.vahe
0CH.U.SH535718.09.2013, 12:08
Afterbirth.: kirk999
0kirk999534530.07.2013, 23:57
Afterbirth.: kirk999
@[WP8] Magical Yatzy
[Reading] is a classic game of dice on a new
0LW_498028.06.2013, 00:55
Afterbirth.: LW_
0CH.U.SH581816.06.2013, 06:40
Afterbirth.: CH.U.SH
4kirk9991014122.05.2013, 22:34
Afterbirth.: sergtot
@Classic FreeCell
[Table] Free Cell Solitaire
0Nomad1571005.03.2013, 15:16
Afterbirth.: Nomad1
@Classic Solitaire
[Table] Solitaires
1Nomad1758902.03.2013, 20:48
Afterbirth.: Nomad1
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