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@[WP10] World of Tanks Blitz * 123 47
[Action] is now legendary tank shooter available on Windows 10
931_snow_8160523.11.2016, 13:12
Afterbirth.: Seager2142
@The Masters of Elemental online
[Action, Other] Kartochnaya MTG online game
2World Gaming149109.11.2016, 18:50
Afterbirth.: LeshaShef
2GishValve388205.11.2016, 11:31
Afterbirth.: vipas
62flips2871802.11.2016, 09:42
Afterbirth.: SDEMSW
@[WP8] GTA: San Andreas * 123 53
[Action] The same for a GTA WP8
1058Permckuu40414931.10.2016, 22:11
Afterbirth.: SlayerNik
@Earthworm Jim HD * 123
The Adventures of an earthworm named Jim already on WP7
49Alex5769629.10.2016, 03:08
Afterbirth.: LANCER171
14kinglion2048324.10.2016, 22:04
Afterbirth.: cold.angel
@[WP8] Dungeon Hunter 5
[Action, Other]
18GishValve1168024.10.2016, 20:43
Afterbirth.: zeppete
@[WP8] Hungry Shark Evolution
[Arcade, Action] hungry shark now for AM
16zhenek971072724.10.2016, 20:21
Afterbirth.: cold.angel
@[WP8] Modern Combat 5 * 123
[Action] The best shooter series returns
55Ezio_leha3183423.10.2016, 15:30
Afterbirth.: iammai
89chush6015217.10.2016, 21:58
Afterbirth.: whatchel
1GishValve349815.10.2016, 23:27
Afterbirth.: viar
1qexx358104.09.2016, 12:26
Afterbirth.: Star_Ocean
@Doom & Destiny Advanced
[Other] jRPG, turn-based combat, humor
13leom12308529.08.2016, 23:16
Afterbirth.: LightEagle
51Lexagon1018160627.08.2016, 19:46
Afterbirth.: alexk2013
@[WP8] Halo: Spartan Asslt * 1234
[Action] {discussion}
64CH.U.SH4011921.08.2016, 23:43
Afterbirth.: rover5
@New Spider-Man 2
[Action] Spider-Man fight against evil continues
3GishValve367918.07.2016, 08:51
Afterbirth.: Vivek767
4GishValve461511.07.2016, 20:55
Afterbirth.: Rustam66637
@dark Destroyers
[Action, Strategy, Others] For all fans of RPG (RPG) genre
1World Gaming122111.07.2016, 20:54
Afterbirth.: Rustam66637
12qexx910611.07.2016, 20:53
Afterbirth.: Rustam66637
@[WP8] GodOfDarkWar
[Action, Strategy]
5GishValve444007.07.2016, 15:56
Afterbirth.: Brain2d
24chush2793502.07.2016, 18:16
Afterbirth.: Earth2Space
73VTS118431923.06.2016, 05:32
Afterbirth.: D3miOne
@[WP8.1] Space Marshals
[Action] Action + Adventure
9konstver522220.06.2016, 09:59
Afterbirth.: iChrono
@[WP8] Dungeon Hunter 4 * 1234
[Action] RPG from Gameloft
70vlad0803993860628.05.2016, 16:24
Afterbirth.: XoTT29
@[WP8] Reaper
11mrs.tort805409.05.2016, 18:02
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@[WP8] Shadow Fight 2
[Action] A great fighting game, now on a ch
18zhenek971758229.04.2016, 02:01
Afterbirth.: LK48
@Stickman Fighting
[Action] Stikman goes on the warpath!
0PolinaMalina8877828.04.2016, 13:13
Afterbirth.: PolinaMalina88
@Parkour Simulator 3D
[Action] Excellent runner with a modern street sports.
0PolinaMalina8898325.04.2016, 14:17
Afterbirth.: PolinaMalina88
@[WP8.1] Lara Croft GO
[Action, Strategy] Turn-based strategy with Lara Croft
15qexx975920.03.2016, 23:15
Afterbirth.: Rz-vol
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