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>Make your own firmware
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(!) @Editing firmware-all WP7 devices without data loss * 123 37
Create and send your own updates on wp7-device
729RomaN16930509.10.2016, 21:33
Afterbirth.: granit2012
(!) @Create and edit firmware * 123 16
Dumps, tools, instructions, SYS, OEM, XIP, and so on. D.
309alex18705423.04.2016, 21:16
Afterbirth.: baradamoto
(!) @Forced phone updated to version 7.8 * 12
The program of Jaxbot to upgrade to 7.10.8860.142
30Ant-eater1604118.04.2014, 19:20
Afterbirth.: awas5
30-WOLF-347016.11.2016, 19:11
Afterbirth.: -WOLF-
Utilities to work with WP8 firmware from Samsung
5-WOLF-571219.10.2016, 15:47
Afterbirth.: -WOLF-
Adding third-party programs in the firmware
Adding third-party programs in the firmware (Automatic installation after HR)
1cold.angel24201.09.2016, 01:32
Afterbirth.: ilya_litosh
@Learn to collect WP7 firmware on HTC HD2 * 12
Creating a firmware only HD2
36Zloy Pryanik1554917.06.2016, 16:14
Afterbirth.: SSSR2.0
26sam19842312817.06.2016, 16:12
Afterbirth.: SSSR2.0
3axi01126015.02.2016, 18:23
Afterbirth.: cold.angel
Utility to modify the firmware dump
3-WOLF-100208.02.2016, 18:17
Afterbirth.: -WOLF-
@MBN Creator
A utility for creating custom CSC
1-WOLF-197316.12.2015, 22:23
Afterbirth.: -WOLF-
@Useful files, packages for romodelov
Sharing useful for firmware
15Zloy Pryanik685016.12.2014, 20:54
Afterbirth.: Rom93
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