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>>Flea market (redirect)
Purchase and sale of devices from companies and private individuals.
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>Buying devices
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(!) @Buying devices based on Windows Phone * 123 186
Discussion of issues related to the acquisition devices.
3703alex52576125.11.2016, 15:01
Afterbirth.: ExWizard
1686phazzz28925320.11.2016, 13:16
Afterbirth.: rullya_86
Buying Nokia 920 or 720
phone purchase on ali
0Medsister_69201.04.2016, 14:46
Afterbirth.: Medsister_
help with 920 nokiey
unbind from tele2
1ig1748174725.11.2015, 11:36
Afterbirth.: kalipso888
(?)Selecting telefonchik
928 VS 730DS
0Jomphboob146411.10.2015, 20:45
Afterbirth.: Jomphboob
I plan to buy a prepaid Lumia 635 AT & T or T-Mobile Prepaid?
I plan to buy a Lumia 635 for n zalochenny AT & T or T-Mobile Prepa
2Yojjeek190125.07.2015, 15:02
Afterbirth.: krotees
1Bog & Art200822.05.2015, 10:26
Afterbirth.: Jomphboob
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