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Catalog of the Windows Phone 7 software

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@Car Scanner * 123 17
Car scanner, on-board computer
3210vZ1771625.11.2016, 00:59
Afterbirth.: x-poet
@[WP8] Antiradar Arrow
Warning about the cameras, radars, traffic police posts
18ivolk1409306.11.2016, 13:11
Afterbirth.: ivolk
4Kommunis121330.10.2016, 07:07
Afterbirth.: mnc77
@multiCurrency for Windows Phone
Cross-rates of major world currencies in the online mode.
3r_serega93724.10.2016, 10:20
Afterbirth.: r_serega
@multiElement for Windows Phone
Periodic system of elements of DI Mendeleev on your device.
2r_serega57124.10.2016, 10:19
Afterbirth.: r_serega
19SPIDER3220590304.10.2016, 20:29
Afterbirth.: hqqddy
A simple barometer for phones with a sensor of atmospheric pressure
12sensboston197029.09.2016, 17:05
Afterbirth.: SlayerNik
28kirk9992270328.07.2016, 19:21
Afterbirth.: borissl118
@[WP8] hobDrive * 12
OBD2 Diagnostic and Microcomputer
29cail1973921.07.2016, 09:42
Afterbirth.: dplot
@[WP8] BeStrong
Make yourself more 100 days
8JEuler472714.06.2016, 08:16
Afterbirth.: n_i_x
48Alex2955929.05.2016, 10:51
Afterbirth.: jinwen1234
@Enhanced Night Light
Great app for kids
0PolinaMalina8857423.05.2016, 13:33
Afterbirth.: PolinaMalina88
@Parcel Tracking
Easy-to-use tool for tracking parcels.
0Denita Global54420.05.2016, 18:34
Afterbirth.: Denita Global
Simple simulator for the eyes.
4JEuler150719.05.2016, 19:14
Afterbirth.: JEuler
@WinGym * 123 6
blog + physical training exercises database
106JEuler2020416.05.2016, 08:22
Afterbirth.: JEuler
@[WP 8] WarAlbum
It will help to plunge during the Second World War (1939-1945).
0VLADFIONOV50909.05.2016, 03:45
Afterbirth.: VLADFIONOV
@Stopwatch Elite
Stylish stopwatch without advertising
0icedie62609.04.2016, 12:28
Afterbirth.: icedie
1xtergs375914.03.2016, 15:20
Afterbirth.: xtergs
@[WP8] Airtravel
Search favorable flights and hotels
7kirliman407829.02.2016, 11:14
Afterbirth.: kirliman
@[WP8.1 +] Pressure Monitor (by application)
A convenient way to control your blood pressure
1ikotow177223.02.2016, 13:41
Afterbirth.: ikotow
@Speedtrap Alert
The application helps motorists avoid fines from the rates, the cameras
1LeoAlex525295713.01.2016, 09:56
Afterbirth.: xnergy
@count calories
Rhymes calories for wp 8.1
2Hakmax206526.12.2015, 16:16
Afterbirth.: Hakmax
2GishValve282021.11.2015, 20:35
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@[WP8.1] +100500 Issues
A simple application for easy viewing of our favorite show 100,500.
0Elnivel135826.10.2015, 15:50
Afterbirth.: Elnivel
@[WP 8.1] Chygunka.by
Application for trains Search in the Republic of Belarus and not only ...
4fryette231713.10.2015, 10:35
Afterbirth.: Mortare
Community program forecasters «MicroBet» which is engaged in the analysis of
0offmonreal173130.09.2015, 10:50
Afterbirth.: offmonreal
@Taxsee Driver
The program for drivers. Sets and earn. The simplest conv
1Roller-ch488121.09.2015, 16:29
Afterbirth.: 40legion
@[WP8.1] MiBand Tracker BETA
Appendix companion for fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band.
8bozander615918.09.2015, 14:31
Afterbirth.: RooteR995
@Phone Mille
Free and perfectly accurate breathalyzer
2RIOFornium351308.09.2015, 09:24
Afterbirth.: RIOFornium
@Interactive Solar System
Guide to the Solar System
0BananaDev235004.09.2015, 00:28
Afterbirth.: BananaDev
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