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Catalog of the Windows Phone 7 software

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>Reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias
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^Ad:Terms of sections and information for releasers--4862--
@multiCalendar for Windows Phone
Calendars of different nations, religions and cultures on your device.
1r_serega69521.11.2016, 13:13
Afterbirth.: r_serega
@Bookviser * 123 67
E-book reader
1330andrew.zaitsev14483313.11.2016, 02:36
Afterbirth.: xstima
@FictionBook Reader * 123 95
former fb2 reader, easy reader books in fb2, epub and txt.
1898vleschenko22222909.11.2016, 22:00
Afterbirth.: foal
235chush4648107.11.2016, 07:36
Afterbirth.: roondook
@[WP8] FBReader * 1234
E-book reader
71geometer2641619.10.2016, 02:30
Afterbirth.: hqqddy
@CatAudiobook * 123 7
The program is designed for playing audiobooks. Simple interface,
139thenarion612829.09.2016, 11:12
Afterbirth.: bulldozzerr
@book of dreams
28 dream-books, more than 15,000 interpretations
8furian2009328325.09.2016, 09:37
Afterbirth.: Samsung_FOREVA
@[WP8.1] ELAudioBooks * 123 8
ELAudioBooks - How to listen to an audio book on Windows Phone 8.1+
141Elastep1653627.08.2016, 00:45
Afterbirth.: Elastep
@[WP8] Digital Audio Book * 123 9
Player audiknig for WP8 {discussion}
162Nab0y2772824.06.2016, 21:26
Afterbirth.: crunc
@I want to read
The application for reading electronic books in the epub format, fb2 and html.
2AndySolo105808.06.2016, 22:04
Afterbirth.: sensboston
@[WP 8] May 9
The program text of congratulations. Congratulate your friends and loved ones.
0VLADFIONOV46109.05.2016, 03:45
Afterbirth.: VLADFIONOV
0x2.53603.05.2016, 11:40
Afterbirth.: x2.
information that the motorist will need in different situations.
1SPIDER3220290524.03.2016, 13:40
Afterbirth.: lexus500
Player for audiobooks
1thenarion78820.03.2016, 17:05
Afterbirth.: Uncle
@gTongue Dictionary * 12
View dictionaries StarDict
24gavrila1166006.03.2016, 21:50
Afterbirth.: abcdef1
@[WP8] Coffee Reader
quick and easy application for reading books
11andrew.zaitsev905105.03.2016, 11:28
Afterbirth.: werdry
@SilverDict * 123 8
Off-line dictionary is compatible with dictionaries StarDict
159sensboston2705625.02.2016, 23:35
Afterbirth.: sensboston
@[WP8.1] English 7000 Free * 12
The program for the study of English words.
26houhou789415.02.2016, 23:02
Afterbirth.: houhou
@ElWPAudioBooks * 123
Listen to audiobooks on Windows Phone.
47Elastep1434414.12.2015, 12:05
Afterbirth.: S_lavdos
@Freda * 123 8
e-book reader app
148Alex4658713.12.2015, 08:14
Afterbirth.: tramp
@LinguaLeo * 12
Free English with the application of LinguaLeo
20timgt1379529.11.2015, 05:36
Afterbirth.: Ttatyanakr
@[WP8] Learn It
The program for storing information using the card method
1Rost26423328.11.2015, 18:34
Afterbirth.: dabl2
@Handbook of diseases
Medical reference book for those who care about their health.
8furian2009476620.11.2015, 14:57
Afterbirth.: w3ww
@[WP8.1] Most Interesting Facts
The app for easy reading interesting facts
0Elnivel142922.10.2015, 15:09
Afterbirth.: Elnivel
@[WP10] Day in History
What happened on this day in history? Facts and birthdays.
0BANJEN179917.09.2015, 17:07
Afterbirth.: BANJEN
0meocoi_sp2135114.09.2015, 23:46
Afterbirth.: meocoi_sp2
@ABCsoft Russian Alphabet
learn the alphabet with your child
0meocoi_sp2126914.09.2015, 08:44
Afterbirth.: meocoi_sp2
@Origami Club
Collection of origami
5furian2009340511.08.2015, 23:47
Afterbirth.: furian2009
@Romantic Start-Up
99 romantic ideas that will surprise your favorite
1Ex_mi254511.08.2015, 13:55
Afterbirth.: Ex_mi
@Lingvo RE
Convenient online access to basic dictionaries
18SPIDER3220968212.06.2015, 14:10
Afterbirth.: GeMir
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