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Catalog of the Windows Phone 7 software

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>System utilities and Management
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^Ad:Terms of sections and information for releasers--4862--
@My Balance * 123 89
balance control and balance packages
1772xmlparser178715Today, 13:21
Afterbirth.: tom911
105alex107497Today, 2:31
Afterbirth.: dmitry.melentjew
124Alex22632824.11.2016, 22:18
Afterbirth.: evroskai
@[WP8.1] Windows Insider
The ability to receive prerelease versions of the operating system update.
4VLADFIONOV287922.11.2016, 14:50
Afterbirth.: cold.angel
@[WP8] EmiPSX * 123 7
PlayStation One emulator
129CH.U.SH8857513.11.2016, 00:32
Afterbirth.: Defman
@Windows Phone for Mac * 123
Software to connect the smartphone / Zune HD to your Mac
48Alex7071908.11.2016, 16:12
Afterbirth.: jazz_club
@Battery Optimizer
battery optimizer
12kirk9991697104.11.2016, 17:37
Afterbirth.: Biggey
The application implements devyatiknopochny text input.
2KoztiK923115.10.2016, 12:53
Afterbirth.: marogor
@[WP8.1] Total Commander * 123
File manager for WP (Russian interface pending)
48NormanD6477830.09.2016, 22:30
Afterbirth.: kar_nis
@Microsoft Cortana
Obsuuzhdenie voice assistant from Microsoft.
5VLADFIONOV324826.09.2016, 10:08
Afterbirth.: ler9
@AnTuTu Benchmark
Port famous benchmark for Windows devices
19onl120320626.09.2016, 09:54
Afterbirth.: ler9
@Project My Screen App
Projecting your phone screen to an external display via USB or
13arxangel-serg4885223.09.2016, 14:29
Afterbirth.: Roman www
@Market Purchase History
displays / unlock instructions on how to uninstall / reinstall the application /
5asusUuuuser288322.09.2016, 13:47
Afterbirth.: asusUuuuser
@[WP8.1] Metro Commander Pro
The two-panel file manager in the style of Modern Windows UI.
15qexx1067526.08.2016, 00:17
Afterbirth.: Max from Country
@[WP8] Root Tool
registry editor
14Weblok4796124.08.2016, 06:48
Afterbirth.: RAH-66
@[WP8] LockMix
Excellent widgets to your lock screen!
11machete96713514.08.2016, 18:34
Afterbirth.: svau
@PC Remote Pro * 123
remote control of your computer through the phone
45kirk9997274905.08.2016, 19:27
Afterbirth.: playful1988
@[WP8.1] FTP server * 123 5
FTP server on the phone for downloading files through a computer via Wi-Fi
87D_Pavel5212829.07.2016, 21:45
Afterbirth.: squid_dv
6kirk9994212207.07.2016, 18:14
Afterbirth.: kesha587
@MobiDB Database Designer
The application to create complex relational databases for storage of John
3PerpetuumSoft247522.06.2016, 06:14
Afterbirth.: PerpetuumSoft
@Upcoming Tile Free * 12
Convenient calendar tile
25crea7or677620.06.2016, 19:29
Afterbirth.: crea7or
@Duplicate Cleaner
Allows you to easily find and remove duplicate or similar files on your
0Denita Global108207.06.2016, 17:18
Afterbirth.: Denita Global
@[WP8] SamWP8 Tools * 123 9
System utility-based Diagnosis.
177-WOLF-3421605.06.2016, 10:57
Afterbirth.: NUOVEAUX
@Tiles Draw
Drawing on tile
6kirk999692704.06.2016, 06:44
Afterbirth.: Guardsman2010
WP7 as a webcam via Wi-Fi
9ZZAAL1574527.05.2016, 18:31
Afterbirth.: skanavy
@[WP8] Unify
remote computer management
4kirk999403913.05.2016, 21:13
Afterbirth.: greyswondeer
@[WP8.1] Files * 12
File Manager from Microsoft
22earlbodik5016412.05.2016, 12:02
Afterbirth.: bacs5511
@Win8 Controller * 12
Use your smartphone as a touch screen windows 8
24genesisv961406702.05.2016, 10:28
Afterbirth.: mischael1
2GishValve2980527.04.2016, 21:48
Afterbirth.: Buzy-Wuzy
120kirk9999238622.04.2016, 19:09
Afterbirth.: maxer1986
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