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Catalog of the Windows Phone 7 software

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>Office software
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^Ad:Terms of sections and information for releasers--4862--
@Monetal * 123 33
Easy personal finance.
644kruil47292Today, 11:12
Afterbirth.: kruil
@QIWI Wallet * 123
QIWI payment system client
50Alex2102821.11.2016, 18:01
Afterbirth.: spavlin
@HTC Notes * 12
creating notes
23Alex1308012.11.2016, 15:18
Afterbirth.: SlayerNik
@[WP8.1] ABBYYBusinessCardReader
Business Card Scanner
11zakarya67614209.11.2016, 17:39
Afterbirth.: JokerJek
@Money Wallet * 123 60
Personal finance
1197vunder9794707.11.2016, 12:31
Afterbirth.: vunder
@When Easter?
Calculator Easter date based on an algorithm of Carl Gauss.
5FLOXY309424.10.2016, 10:12
Afterbirth.: Star_Ocean
personal finance manager
2aphelion207010.10.2016, 22:58
Afterbirth.: ptichi_lapki
@[WP8] Money Tracker Pro * 1234
personal finances
72KTechSystems1568202.10.2016, 19:36
Afterbirth.: kar_nis
Choose 7z ZIP RAR, if you want to work with any files without any problems
2Media Mobile Technologies218729.08.2016, 14:45
Afterbirth.: 161_RostoV_161
@[WP8] Notes +
A handy application for creating notes with rich functionality
2arxangel-serg467418.08.2016, 18:50
Afterbirth.: Oben308
@[WP8] for shopping! * 12
A simple shopping list with voice input
36xedin27848015.06.2016, 02:39
Afterbirth.: andreyfratello
@[WP8.1 +] WolframAlpha
Calculations of examples of any complexity, and not only.
1kukuluu200301.06.2016, 09:55
Afterbirth.: andreyfratello
@[WP8.1] ZeDK - Your budget * 12
maintaining personal finances
20ZeLDER642822.05.2016, 12:04
Afterbirth.: Cupx
Fractions calculator with support expressions. (W10 + W10mob)
1A2Danov84620.05.2016, 09:43
Afterbirth.: A2Danov
@[WP8] Notes
My Notes is a mobile application that is designed to bys
11Kap2zZzz576814.05.2016, 11:27
Afterbirth.: Kap2zZzz
@savings bank * 12
Official application of the Savings Bank
24maxaon681336101.05.2016, 07:03
Afterbirth.: 0vZ
@ScreenShot Tool
It makes screenshots of the best! Application for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile
0Denita Global77927.04.2016, 15:46
Afterbirth.: Denita Global
@My Mind On My
A simple application for accounting finance
1xpro2004250518.04.2016, 10:32
Afterbirth.: xpro2004
@Stopwatch PRO
Stopwatch, timer
3icedie168109.04.2016, 12:20
Afterbirth.: icedie
Good for Enterprise Solution to encrypt smartphones WP
2KoztiK316407.04.2016, 10:10
Afterbirth.: hometools
9kirk999868328.03.2016, 19:56
Afterbirth.: Vad_Doc
@[WP8.1] VKarmane * 123
All documents are always at hand
59st13company1294020.03.2016, 16:21
Afterbirth.: st13company
The official application for the identification WebMoney services
5KoztiK4081820.03.2016, 10:05
Afterbirth.: quadrotony
The best tool for creating and extracting archives. UWP App.
0UNETA99312.03.2016, 17:23
Afterbirth.: UNETA
5kirk9991239010.03.2016, 14:43
Afterbirth.: tumenoker
1kirk999317523.02.2016, 18:18
Afterbirth.: GishValve
@[WP8] My Car
Track fuel consumption and vehicle expenses
6GAHAN756815.02.2016, 16:20
Afterbirth.: gan47
@TxtEdit (TxEd) * 12
A simple text editor .txt / .sh / .bat file
25zclone411613.02.2016, 04:49
Afterbirth.: zclone
Short-term notes synchronized between devices
0KorjSoft118426.01.2016, 22:58
Afterbirth.: KorjSoft
4kirk999669921.01.2016, 22:53
Afterbirth.: iapand
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