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Discussion of Dell devices on the Windows Phone platform,
1606>> 07.09.2016, 15:58
Subject:Dell Venue Pro - Discussion
Author: vadZh
Discussion of HTC devices on the Windows Phone platform,
1427292>> Today, 8:09
Subject:HTC One (M8) for Windows - obs ...
Author: Bikercat
Discussion of LG devices on Windows Phone platform
3672>> 28.08.2015, 14:16
Subject:LG Optimus 7 - Discussion
Author: nexusrule
+Nokia / Microsoft
Talk Nokia / Microsoft devices on the Windows Phone platform,
52263892>> Today, 14:17
Subject:Microsoft Lumia 650
Author: Helgi2002
Discussion of Samsung devices on the Windows Phone platform,
817078>> Yesterday, 14:18
Subject:Samsung Ativ SE - Discussion
Author: OFN
Discussion units are not included in the main list on the Windows Phone platform.
1912052>> Today, 9:21
Subject:HP Elite x3
Author: ddenn
+Buying devices
Discussion of the acquisition devices on Windows Phone.
Flea market (redirect)
75393>> 25.11.2016, 15:01
Subject:Buying devices on the basis of Wind ...
Author: ExWizard
+Accessories for devices
Discussion accessories for devices on Windows Phone.
525817>> Today, 12:37
Subject:Nokia Lumia 1520 - Accessories
Author: viktoriy7
>>New items (redirect)
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>>Selection and Comparison of devices (redirect)
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>Windows Phone - Devices
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(!) @Autonomy and power consumption of devices on Windows Phone
Discussion autonomy WP-backgrounds
11Kotejko_O2056311.10.2015, 20:11
Afterbirth.: Plutonity
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