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Games in the arcade style
3891855>> 11.11.2016, 02:12
Author: asusUuuuser
Games shooter style.
3154228>> 23.11.2016, 13:12
Subject:[WP10] World of Tanks Blitz
Author: Seager2142
Board games
73222>> 02.10.2016, 18:09
Subject:Azedeem: End of Era
Author: CaptainCatSparrow
+brain teaser
Logic games
4201284>> 23.11.2016, 14:05
Subject:[WP8] Brothers Pilots
Author: next_mail
Games in the style of strategy
1621869>> 24.11.2016, 16:27
Author: _Andji_
Games in the style of simulators
1732065>> 13.11.2016, 11:36
Subject:[WP8] Asphalt 8: Airborne
Author: arnhvit
Other games
126602>> 22.11.2016, 08:15
Subject:The emulator DOSBox
Author: sensboston

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>Windows Phone - Games
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important Topics
(!) @Search game * 123 44
looking games
869alex13709128.10.2016, 10:27
Afterbirth.: skylink_1990
(!) @Windows Phone - Gaming News and Discussion * 123 86
All that is for games on Windows Phone
Topics Curator:danil10898
1705Zloy Pryanik33969117.10.2016, 13:28
Afterbirth.: Fisher5991
(!) @Digest of games for smartphones based on Windows Phone OS * 12
Overview for Windows Phone innovations and updates
33kirk99918113003.06.2016, 13:13
Afterbirth.: Uncle
(!) (?) @Playing together - XBox Live gaming and other network * 12
The list of nicknames and more
Topics Curator:genesisv96
32nikerossxp5598511.03.2016, 10:29
Afterbirth.: 666Kamikadze
50Alex72319721.12.2014, 15:35
Afterbirth.: CH.U.SH
(!)Team section
contacts, and distribution of responsibilities
0Black Fish658628.03.2013, 08:13
Afterbirth.: Black Fish
(!) @[FAQ] little useful information
or answers to the most frequently asked questions
3Black Fish4907923.02.2013, 01:36
Afterbirth.: kirk999
@[WP8.1 +] Asphalt Xtreme [WP8.1] * 12
[Simulator] The next racing arcade game from Gameloft
25qexx147019.11.2016, 14:54
Afterbirth.: Grepe77
@brick shooter Lite [WP8.1] [WP8.1]
[Jigsaw] One version of the puzzle brick shooter
0harold_queen8518.11.2016, 07:19
Afterbirth.: harold_queen
@PoGo (Unofficial client Pokemon Go)
[Other] Pokemon Go for Windows Mobile 10
12AskoldVerner370508.11.2016, 21:44
Afterbirth.: HuPBAHA2525
@Green Splash [WM10]
[Arcade] Feed the green creature while he was looking for the way home!
0degortg13608.11.2016, 07:27
Afterbirth.: degortg
@Float Fish [WM10]
[Arcade] Underwater arcade
0lider11212107.11.2016, 11:53
Afterbirth.: lider112
@At sunset, 2: Mage Mirror [WP8]
[Jigsaw] Adventures in finding objects from Artifex Mundi
0qexx13807.11.2016, 09:40
Afterbirth.: qexx
@4 Secret Order: Beyond Time [WP8]
[Jigsaw] Adventures in finding objects from Artifex Mundi
0qexx10607.11.2016, 09:37
Afterbirth.: qexx
@Agent Walker. Mysterious journey. [WP8]
[Jigsaw] Adventures in finding objects from Artifex Mundi
0qexx9907.11.2016, 09:34
Afterbirth.: qexx
@Enigmatis 3: Shadow Karhaly [WP8]
[Jigsaw] Adventures in finding objects from Artifex Mundi
0qexx10607.11.2016, 09:30
Afterbirth.: qexx
@D00M * 12
[Action] PrBoom port for Windows Phone
30sensboston276729.10.2016, 02:29
Afterbirth.: sensboston
@FIFA 17 Mobile [WM10]
[Simulator] Another simulator from Electronic Arts
2ilya141472924.10.2016, 12:07
Afterbirth.: Kalyan_z
@Bootleggers [WM10]
[Arcade, Simulator] arcade simulator moonshiner
0degortg33616.10.2016, 09:20
Afterbirth.: degortg
@Pin-Pon Fun [WP8.1]
[Arcade, Other] Simple, interesting arcade
0icedie19313.10.2016, 23:58
Afterbirth.: icedie
@CartonBox [WM10]
[Arcade] Cardboard Arkanoid
0degortg29306.10.2016, 07:44
Afterbirth.: degortg
@Batchman [WP8.1]
[Arcade] Vertical arcade superhero Batchman'a
0sambahopkins29326.09.2016, 19:17
Afterbirth.: sambahopkins
@Tomato Escape [WP8.1]
[Arcade] In this arcade platformer you ... - Tomato !.
0sambahopkins25121.09.2016, 19:13
Afterbirth.: sambahopkins
@Tuna! [WP8.1]
[Arcade] [Arcade] About the seal of his friends, enemies, and food - tuna.
0sambahopkins25119.09.2016, 16:59
Afterbirth.: sambahopkins
@Coloring Butterflies for Adults [WP8]
[Other] Coloring Books for Adults
0Peaksel35019.09.2016, 09:51
Afterbirth.: Peaksel
@Coloring Animals Adult [WP8]
[Other] Coloring Books for Adults
0Peaksel28519.09.2016, 09:46
Afterbirth.: Peaksel
@Mandala Coloring Books for Adults [WP8]
[Other] Coloring Books for Adults
0Peaksel40313.09.2016, 11:29
Afterbirth.: Peaksel
[Arcade] zefirki Adventures in the maze.
2ZeLDER40404.09.2016, 23:50
Afterbirth.: 3PG
@Sticker Craft
[Jigsaw] Mix stickers and open new ones. Collect 2
0username10050038428.08.2016, 15:44
Afterbirth.: username100500
Cloudraiders Error
[Action, Strategy]
0antiTURIST36116.08.2016, 15:48
Afterbirth.: antiTURIST
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