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+Office software
Calendars, calculators, working with documents, planners, finance and trade.
2532951>> Today, 11:12
Author: kruil
+System utilities and Management
System settings, testing, optimization.
3469121>> Today, 13:21
Subject:My Balance
Author: tom911
+Reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias
Programs for reading, mobile directories, and the knowledge base, tutorials.
2425387>> 21.11.2016, 13:13
Subject:multiCalendar for Windows Phone
Author: r_serega
Audio / video players, converters, and other multimedia tools.
4103258>> Yesterday, 22:44
Subject:FS Client
Author: zhukmax
+Internet and communications
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, web browsers, IM-clients, e-mail. mail connection management.
4645729>> Today, 10:40
Subject:Telegram Messenger
Author: solus7
+Other programs
Various programs is the main classification.
2821257>> 25.11.2016, 00:59
Subject:Car Scanner
Author: x-poet
>>Navigation for WP7 (redirect)
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>Windows Phone - Programs
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^Ad:Terms of sections and information for releasers--4862--
important Topics
(!) @Search programs * 123 225
I am looking for a program that ...
4489alex40093626.11.2016, 23:27
Afterbirth.: DkmS
(!) @Windows Phone - Program: Discussion of news * 123
news from the world of software
57Blackfish3654631.10.2016, 17:15
Afterbirth.: VLADFIONOV
(!) @Applications for the localization, applications, games * 12
here translate the program and descriptions of them
33Alex1786214.08.2016, 16:52
Afterbirth.: aibolitm
(!) @Jailbreak - Discussion * 123 148
Unlocking smartphones on Windows Phone
2948Alex82619526.07.2016, 08:13
Afterbirth.: bratskij
(!) @Digest software for smartphones based on Windows Phone OS * 123
Overview for Windows Phone innovations and updates
42Alex29539103.06.2016, 13:09
Afterbirth.: Uncle
31KoT1718109.03.2016, 16:48
Afterbirth.: offmonreal
24Alex1306416.06.2015, 09:38
Afterbirth.: AlexTuzov.13
68Alex171168521.12.2014, 07:58
Afterbirth.: Black Fish
1kirk9992095319.01.2013, 20:29
Afterbirth.: kirk999
0Black Fish5676930.10.2012, 05:05
Afterbirth.: Black Fish
(!)Team section
contacts, and distribution of responsibilities
0Black Fish693516.10.2012, 16:55
Afterbirth.: Black Fish
(!)GPS navigation
General questions and discussion
0Alex3516911.06.2011, 12:21
Afterbirth.: Alex
@[W10M] Interop Tools * 1234
Registry Editor and much more.
76RandomWP8130Today, 10:05
Afterbirth.: ko1yan
@Kauna [WP8.1]
Music visualizer
4x2.346Yesterday, 7:59
Afterbirth.: x2.
@micro Weather * 12
Current weather for text Glance-screens
39JudgeSerg250505.11.2016, 18:34
Afterbirth.: Tikolas
@[WM10 - W10] multiE Supplements Lite
Handbook of food additives
2r_serega36128.10.2016, 10:11
Afterbirth.: r_serega
@Exchange rates CBR
Never before has a way to get information about the current exchange rates was not t
3Andrew-New47627.10.2016, 19:42
Afterbirth.: Andrew-New
@multiClock for Windows Phone
Financial Watch the largest financial centers in the world
1r_serega37126.10.2016, 09:22
Afterbirth.: r_serega
@Yandeks.Pogoda [WP8]
Yandex can calculate local or local weather.
0VLADFIONOV20223.10.2016, 22:35
Afterbirth.: VLADFIONOV
@Device Manager [WM10]
Quick access to any information about your device.
2Attractor Mobile Software25619.10.2016, 19:53
Afterbirth.: RandomWP
@[W10M] Cast to * 123 5
DLNA player, replacing "Lumia Play to"
96sensboston275815.10.2016, 07:37
Afterbirth.: sensboston
@Sticky Notes Rainbow [WM10]
Make Start menu brighter with colored stickers
0Attractor Mobile Software25012.10.2016, 11:16
Afterbirth.: Attractor Mobile Software
@[WM10 - W10] multiCalendar Lite
Calendars of different nations, religions and cultures on your device.
1r_serega29711.10.2016, 11:25
Afterbirth.: r_serega
@App Data Manage Tool
It allows you to perform a full backup on the application smartfo
1SergeiFana67104.10.2016, 23:20
Afterbirth.: fer598
@iSpeak. Learn language for kids and beginners [WM10]
iSpeak - develops the application on the basis of methods of teaching languages ​​Gle
1paul_detson21603.10.2016, 20:34
Afterbirth.: paul_detson
@Data Counter [WM10]
meter mobile traffic
2SergeyCosmet32202.10.2016, 13:43
Afterbirth.: JAYmasta
@[W10M - W10] My Car Manager
Organizer for the car costs / cars
1_Slavik_33702.10.2016, 13:39
Afterbirth.: JAYmasta
@Calculator Power [WM10]
Best app to count!
1MP3 DVD XLS APPS24928.09.2016, 18:49
Afterbirth.: sensboston
@Total Manager Free [WM10]
file manager, c intuitive design and a set of useful commands, U
1DENITA_Apps34926.09.2016, 10:11
Afterbirth.: Helgi2002
@[WM10 - W10] multiElement Lite
Periodic system of elements of DI Mendeleev on your device.
1r_serega33623.09.2016, 17:38
Afterbirth.: r_serega
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