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+Windows Phone - First Aid
Help for beginners, frequently asked questions and answers on the communicators. Beginners should read.
Personal experience, Archive section, FAQ on the OS and devices (redirect)
3337102416>> Today, 18:53
Subject:Windows Phone - Discussion of new ...
Author: Snow_ss
+Windows Phone - FAQ on the OS and devices
Questions and answers about Windows Phone and devices under its control.
Moderators:FAQMakers, assistant moderator, Member of the special project
9367>> 28.09.2015, 18:33
Subject:FAQ on the Nokia Lumia 530 / Dual Sim
Author: ramazanchik2525
+Windows Phone - Devices
Discussions related to specific devices on the Windows Phone.
Dell, HTC, LG, Nokia / Microsoft, Samsung, other, Buying devices, Accessories for devices, New items (redirect), Selection and Comparison of devices (redirect)
157332697>> Today, 21:13
Subject:Microsoft Lumia 640 XL - dis ...
Author: paul0688
+Windows Phone - Programs
Discussion of programs for Windows Phone.
Office software, System utilities and Management, Reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Multimedia, Internet and communications, Other programs, Navigation for WP7 (redirect)
205435626>> Today, 20:52
Subject:[W10M] Interop Tools
Author: likehell
+Windows Phone - Games
Discussion of games for Windows Phone
Arcade, action, Desktop, brain teaser, Strategy, Simulations, Other
170414888>> 24.11.2016, 16:27
Author: _Andji_
+Windows Phone - Ornaments
Skins, themes and wallpapers. Program to change the Windows Phone interface.
Desktop Screen (redirect)
631979>> 19.11.2016, 12:59
Subject:Fonts WP 8.1 / WP10
Author: hawk_0_1
+Windows Phone - Firmware
Firmware for devices based on Windows Phone
HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell, Nokia / Microsoft, other, Make your own firmware, FAQ'ov Collection and Archive at the firmware
15960656>> Today, 19:58
Subject:Samsung ATIV SE
Author: cold.angel
+Windows Phone - Development and Programming
Development tools, programming instructions, questions to programmers
87713909>> Today at 20:35
Subject:Interop Unlock and tweaks W10M / WP ...
Author: evroskai

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