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+Tutorials, FAQ, source
Help in the creation, use programs, knowledge base, the starting materials.
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
133576>> 29.10.2016, 21:24
Subject:Order table
Author: smold2
+Topics and icons for programs
Create, search, receiving orders for those skins and icons.
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
12660042>> 04.11.2016, 16:39
Subject:Today Screenshots
Author: riksos
Program to create a "beautiful".
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
791793>> 13.03.2016, 22:36
Subject:ING Change Font
Author: Andrew59
+Change Windows Mobile interface
Editing system "prettiness".
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
2311791>> 15.08.2015, 11:29
Subject:operator logo
Author: tramp
+Change Windows Mobile 6.5 and above Interface
Editing system "prettiness".
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
1813191>> 24.07.2016, 22:40
Subject:Plugins for Titanium. Project N ...
Author: Rudzil
+Themes for the Today screen
Themes (tsk) for Today
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
389062>> 28.06.2015, 20:51
Subject:QVGA (320x240) Flora
Author: alestat83
+Wallpaper for the Today screen
Collection of beautiful wallpapers
Moderators:romanmaks, CyberBob, Kikujiro_SPb
1813478>> 16.06.2014, 21:22
Subject:Wallpaper QVGA and VGA
Author: kurpiev

>Windows Mobile - Ornaments
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important Topics
(!) @Important! Ask questions and receive answers * 123 87
The only question for decorations!
1729Neadi21316610.11.2016, 11:30
Afterbirth.: Pchela24
(!) @section News * 123
Announcements of new topics and decorations
54Senator2999029.10.2012, 15:20
Afterbirth.: Rudzil
(!) @Requests and suggestions on the list * 123 9
Making section together!
163Neadi4882223.07.2011, 21:34
Afterbirth.: romanmaks
(!)Guide to the section
The content and brief description
11Senator8059813.02.2011, 12:52
Afterbirth.: NuttShell
(!) @posts Registration
Tips on editing posts
3NuttShell21022328.11.2010, 13:19
Afterbirth.: NuttShell
(!)Rules of conduct in the "Ornaments"
If you do not read do not be offended.
1Reut2505504.09.2007, 15:36
Afterbirth.: Reut
Moved:Order table.
We order some graphic elements.
--Senator--15.08.2009, 10:13
Afterbirth.: Senator
Moved:Skins and themes - taking orders for creation
Search the list of those with skins
--sydmed--05.09.2008, 08:53
Afterbirth.: ATSComander
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