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>Announcement: Information for Developers
Information for developers


  1. If you are a developer and do not upload the .ipa file, you take responsibility for the development of the program and the maintenance of the topic by yourself: periodically post promotional codes in the subject ->Promotional codes are from users and developers, To answer user questions about the work and upgrade of the application, to notify them about ongoing promotions in ->Shares in the App Store | Programs (For the program section), -> Shares in the App Store | Games (For the games section), Inform about the release of new versions, changes, etc. In case the topic is not supported for more than 1 month, the administration reserves the right to close it and / or move it to ->iOS - Programs (Archive).
    If the developer has not been systematically supports themes, the creation of new (non rid of AppleID .ipa files) may be denied.
  2. If you - the developer and participate actively in the discussion of its own program, answering questions from users, you canin your profile(With the obligatory indication of references on the themes dedicated to your software) to put the information with the details for the donation (donation) on the development of programs. In the header of your theme you can write about it with reference to your own profile.
  3. Mandatory requirement for all developers and their representatives: in the cap threads must be clearly stated that you - the author of the application or submit it to w3bsit3-dns.com. To do this when creating the threads check the box:
How to support the topic?

We hope that this material will help you to get more benefit from publishing on our resource topics with the applications developed by you.
The implementation of the tips outlined here is not a guarantee of the attendance or success of the theme of your program or game, but in the vast majority of cases they will help attract users to use the created application.

So, let's say you have created a new topic on our website strictly comply withRules Forumand expect a large number of transitions with such a popular site. But people look into the subject, reading and go. No posts and comments about an application, the number of clicks on the link on the App Store is also very small. How can I fix this?

Important! Our resource actsstrongly opposedcreate a large number of issues and refusal to support them in the future. Topics where the developer has not been active for more than 1 month, can be closed, and then removed by a decision of the Administration section.

Correct and meaningful Arrange cap threads.
  1. Create a bright and exciting for users description."Sheets" from the list of features, functions and menus are very few people need and are interesting. Especially not attract attention English-speaking description or Google-translation. This will be perceived as a disrespect to the reader, and the moderator will ask you to correct the description. Try in several sentences to describe the essence of the program, its key innovations in comparison with competitors, come up with unusual usage scenarios that are not provided elsewhere in other solutions. Otherwise, most of the users will pass by without even clicking on the link to the program or game page.
  2. Choose the screenshots that most clearly illustrate the work of the program.Do not load a large number of screenshots orhide some of them under the spoiler.
  3. Short descriptionIt should more clearly show what is needed program. After all, it gets in the catalog and in the Digest, which reviewed by many users.
  4. Encourage users to express their suggestions and commentsBe prepared for criticism, inform about the innovations in the new versions of the program. People are always interested in the qualitative feedback from the developer.

Cap threads created and decorated according to the rules, but the message in the subject is still there. How to keep the topic in such a case?
  1. In the subject ->Promotional codes are from users and developersPlace a few promo codeson a special form and post the link to this post in your topic. Members who have taken away the promotional code will be required to write a review on your application.
  2. Regularly report on the application of discountsIn topics for ->gamesOr ->programsLeaving a link to your thread in the forum.
  3. Subscribe to the topic of search ->gamesOr ->programsPerhaps there the user to look for a program with the functions available in your app or game on the relevant criteria.
  4. After the release of the new version of the report the event in the subject, Describe the innovations.
  5. Keep the cap to dateTimely update version, screenshots and description of the program.
  6. Sign upon applicationAnd if users write your message out there, quickly respond to a question or comment on the remark. Unanswered Questions suggest Developer unwillingness to support your application.
About promotional codes
  • Dear developers!Our forum often becomes a launching pad for your applications or a good way to increase its fame, so we hope for reciprocal steps on your part. The smallest thing you can do is support users in your subject and distribute promotional codes. Also, we ask you to sympathize with the requests of users to give a promotional code in QMS, even if you can not do it now. Please note that in the case of a complete absence of your activity in the subject, it may be deleted. Distribution of promotional codes is carried out in the subject ->Promotional codes are from users and developers, If you wish, you can give cross-references (a link to a topic with your program on the forum in the subject of distributing promotional codes and a link to the post with promotional codes in your own topic).

If users will be interested in the idea of ​​your program or game, provided regular support threads on our website, its content, and update applications, in most cases you can get a lot more downloads and positive ratings in App Store.

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