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>Announcement: Forum Rules "Android - Games"
Rules Forum "Android - Games"

  1. Under "Android - Games" in full effectForum Rules w3bsit3-dns.com. Forum Rules supplement the basic rules on private matters related to the discussion of games.
  2. In the "All Android - Games" are not welcome flood, holivary, offtopic, questions not related to the game (for example, about the firmware or device characteristics, discussion devices, etc.) - For this there are special topics in other sections. Please, before asking any questions, use the search by clicking the link above.
  3. PROHIBITEDany discussions, publications, advertising and sale of common Google Play accounts, publication of messages with offers to purchase or sell any other game accounts, game currency, game characters, which falls under the definition of "commercial activity", according to para. 4.23 of the Rules of the forum.
  4. Under "Android - Games"FORBIDDENcreating themes with questions like: "Help!", "NEED HACKING!" "LOOKING FOR!" etc. In an existing topic, discuss the game itself, and not the possibility of its acquisition or hacking.
  5. Before publishing the game check outrecommendations.
  6. Topics to be closing and the subsequent removal:
    • not containing installation files;
    • downloading having low activity;
    • with numerous negative reviews both on health and on the content of the game content.
  7. For publication prohibitedthe following games:
    • pursuing commercial objectives: to earnreferralsetc.
    • containing information obscene and pornographic
  8. Newly created threads and posts with the presence of large number of images can be edited by the moderators to bring them into the proper form. A large number of images in this forum decided to "hide" under the spoiler.
  9. Before creating a new topic, make sure that such a topic does not exist.
  10. Laying out a new version of the game in the theme or cap MUST sign the version number in the file name, or next to it.
    All versions of the game are discussed and laid out in one subject.
  11. FORBIDDENdisturb the order and titles of items are automatically generated in the cap threads to create up to the "Description" section. Refrain from the use of large fonts motley. If the automatically generated spoiler "cache" is not necessary, it is recommended to remove.
  12. When publishing games necessary to have a reference to a source in Google Play or the Amazon, in the absence of the application there - reference to a source with the obligatory indication of authorship. If the author is a releaser application, it is also to be displayed in the subject line.
  13. Descriptions in English Games are not prohibited, but the translation into Russian and self-aligning the text readable description to mean welcome. Try to avoid the presentation of information in a foreign language. Brief Description of the game may be in the amount of not more than one line without using text formatting tags.
  14. If you can not find some kind of game, use the themeSEARCH games for Android OS
  15. Follow the news on the Android gaming industry can be hereAndroid OS news of the game world
    All our news section can be found in topicDigest games for Android OS
    Find friends in social networks can play hereGame Social Networking
  16. Before installing the game with a cache read the topicInstalling games with cache (FAQ)
    If you have not found the cache to your device, use the "Find the topic"Enter thereyour phone modelPerhaps someone lecturing cache earlier.
    If you want to cache, then please specifymodel of the device (phone / tablet, etc.) from which it was downloaded, and with what version of the gameYou do not need to lay out a lot of caches of the same brand phones, similar in characteristics.
  17. Note!If you have posted a new version of the game or its cache, please report it to a moderator by clicking on your message "A complaint".
  18. Do not turn the forum chat - any personal information to communicate with each other through the QMS.
  19. Download files.files smaller than 128 MB are loaded directly into the topic (Posts). FORBIDDENspread .apk, caches and other files for paid exchangers and exchangers with a lot of advertising, such as deposit, turbobit, letitbit, usercloud, tusfiles and the like. And also to publish home pages and developer sites where there are files that are uploaded to the above exchangers. Our forum is not a means to financial gain. The list of acceptable file sharing to upload files larger than 128 MB .:

    If for some reason you are unable to fill in a valid file sharing files, refer to this topicPerezaleyte ... with the obligatory indicationsharing from the list of acceptable.
    If possible, pack the files in the archive with the password w3bsit3-dns.com. Try to keep the title file could not guess the contents. Also allowed to download files on torrent trackers with free registration and free (free) download.
  20. Closed due to low activity or the presence of negative reviews theme can be published, but not earlier than one month, if there is a new release of positive assessments on the source publishing.
  21. It is not allowed publication of the games designed for the test. Under Android game published final releases. If you are the author of the game and decided to publish it for testing, you should refer to this topicCreating games for Android.

And, please, follow the rules of decency in the section.

The rules can change over time and need. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for violating them.
Ed. 11/20/15

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